Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series!

by Mike W

Marvel-Premiere-300x157 Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series!Marvel Premiere is a classic and entertaining series to read and collect for fans of all ages. The series was published in 1972 and completed in 1981. The series had a total of 61 issues altogether. This series is very important in that it explores deeper into the super-natural phase from Marvel Comics.  Below are some key issues that may serve as useful information in case you decide to start collecting the series in the future.

warlock-200x300 Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series!Many issues in the series are important for the upcoming phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They detail first appearances, team-ups, cover appearances, and origin stories of Marvel’s cosmic and supernatural characters. Examples of characters appearing in this series include Doctor Strange, Shuma Gorath, Adam Warlock, Scott Lang, Ghost Rider, and Werewolf By Night.


war2-201x300 Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series!Firstly, one potentially important character for Marvel in this series is Adam Warlock. He appears in Marvel Premiere #1 and Marvel Premiere #2. These issues detail a revamped origin of the character. Plus, they describe how the name of “Adam” comes into play. Warlock has been rumored for the MCU for years and these issues are great low-priced speculation for the character.



gorath-203x300 Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series!Secondly, Doctor Strange is a huge character for the MCU. Details of how he became the “Sorcerer Supreme” are told during the many issues in which he appeared in the series. Marvel Premiere #10 details the first appearance of Shuma-Gorath. In addition, the character is known as a powerful Lord of Chaos. This issue also notates the death of the Ancient One.  The Ancient One was a mentor of Doctor Strange and former Sorcerer Supreme. It is rumored with inter-dimensional travel and horror effects to the second movie, that Shuma-Gorath may appear in this movie and battle Doctor Strange. Strange appears in many issues in this series. It is a great read for fans of this character.


legion-192x300 Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series!Marvel Premiere #28 and Marvel Premiere #29 consist of issues with characters teaming-up from different genres. MP #28 details a very important speculation book for collectors. The issue is the first appearance and origin of the Legion of Monsters team. The team consists of Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Morbius, and Werewolf By Night. Many of the characters are confirmed or rumored to be confirmed in the MCU. This team-up presents the whole horror and supernatural aspect of the MCU is planning to bring out.

MP #29 details the first appearance of the Liberty Legion. The team consists of characters such as The Patriot,liberty-191x300 Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series! Red Raven, the Thin Man, Miss America, Jack Frost, Whizzer, and Blue Diamond.  The team is made up of characters with and without special powers. Their purpose is to deal with Nazis during WWII. This team does not have any speculation. Still, it’s a great read overall.


Marvel_Premiere_Vol_1_15-195x300 Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series!The next issues I will list are known by collectors and really point out the overall well-roundedness of the series. Marvel Premiere #15 depicts the first appearance and origin of Iron Fist. This character has already had his own live-action show on Netflix. He is rumored to join the MCU in the near future, though. In addition, his rumored appearance could be as early as in the upcoming Shang Chi movie. The mentioning of this character and other related characters to him depicts the shift of the series to a physical fighting background of martial artists and assassins.marvel_premiere_47-194x300 Marvel Premiere: A Super-Fascinating Series!

Lastly, Marvel Premiere #47 is a doubly important issue for this series. The issue details the first appearance of Scott and Cassie Lang. Of course, Scott is the current Ant-Man in the MCU and is a big part of the future of the movies going forward. This concept also applies to Cassie. She is rumored to be part of the Young Avengers team in the near future. Cassie goes by the superhero name of Stature in the team-up. She is the daughter of Scott and has already made her live-action appearance in the Avengers movies for Marvel. To conclude, there’s a lot to like about this series!

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algonwolf February 28, 2021 - 1:13 pm

Great article, highlighting a series that has not gotten the love it deserves over the years. Just a small technicality, of which I am sure you are aware, MP 47 was the first time that Scott Lang appeared as Antman II, his actual first appearance, as Scott Lang, was in Avengers 181. Thanks for the article.

Mike W February 28, 2021 - 2:30 pm

thanks for the comments. It is a great read and functions as a series to invest in key articles. Which issue do you like the best?

Jared February 28, 2021 - 1:58 pm

Just a note, #47 is the first appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man, but not his actual first appearance. Good article though!

Mike W February 28, 2021 - 2:29 pm

thank you for the comments. Do you think Scott Lang and his character are long-term players for Marvel?

Ewan February 28, 2021 - 4:25 pm

This was a very good article focusing on one of the most important series from Marvel in the 1970s.

This series is filled with first appearances or highlights as you outlined. Marvel Premiere #26 features the first solo appearance of Hercules.

Marvel Premiere #32 features the first appearance of Spider-Woman, who as we know is being adapted for the big screen.

With rumors of Agents of Atlas coming to the MCU, Marvel Premiere #35 features the 1st appearance of the 3D man, who would probably be included in a wider incarnation of that team.

Marvel Premiere #49 is the first Falcon solo story after Captain America.

With all the focus these days on WandaVision, many people will be interested to learn that Marvel Premiere #55 was his first solo appearance for Wonder Man was in Marvel Premiere #55.

Great series, with many first appearances, and special spotlight issues.

Thanks for the article.

Ewan February 28, 2021 - 8:35 pm

* correction to my previous post* I believe that I said Marvel Premiere #32. That is incorrect. Spider-Woman debuted in Marvel Spotlight #32.

algonwolf March 1, 2021 - 12:33 am

My favourite issue has to be #15, first Iron Fist, but, #53 has to be the most disturbing. I am quite surprised that they would put a Klan lynching as a cover, as that is very obviously what they were referencing. How times have changed, but stayed the same. Everyone is clamouring for the Punisher to take on the Aryan jerks now, but if he does, it still won’t be as powerful (uncomfortable?) a cover as #53…some rather powerful social justice (on the inside) with quite an insensitive cover. Not sure an artist today could get away with that type of artistry…even if it was Frank Miller.


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