Marvel NYCC Announcements Day One

by Jeff

News concerning Marvel Comics, announced at the New York Comic Con 2008, day one.

– Terry Moore will write Runaways and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.

– Mark Waid is joining the Amazing Spider-Man writing team.

– A Dakota North mini-series is still being planned.

– Jeph Loeb and J. Scott Campbell are still working on a Spider-Man project.

– Secret Invasion tie-in titles were announced, Secret Invasion: Thor, Amazing Spider-Man: Secret Invasion, Secret Invasion: Inhumans, Secret Invasion: X-Men, and a She-Hulk/X-Factor tie-in.

– Secret Invasion: Thor will be written by Matt Fraction.

– A Deadpool ongoing series will be handled by Daniel Way and Paco Medina.

cgc.1 Marvel NYCC Announcements Day One

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