Marvel issues correct solicitation for X-MEN: GHOSTS TP

by Jeff

MAR130749 Marvel issues correct solicitation for X-MEN: GHOSTS TPMedia Release — Marvel Comics’ X-Men TP: Ghosts was solicited with incorrect information. The correct solicitation text follows.

Please note that page count and price remain unchanged:

Written by Chris Claremont
Penciled by John Romita Jr., Rick Leonardi, June Brigman, Barry Windsor-Smith & Arthur Adams
Cover by Rick Leonardi

Change is in the air for the X-Men! Rachel Summers lays claim to the Phoenix Force, Magneto stands trial and joins the team, Professor X departs for outer space, and Cyclops becomes a father — and that’s just the start of the X-Men’s adventures as the Beyonder erases the New Mutants from history, the futuristic Nimrod Sentinel attacks, and Mojo regresses the team to childhood! Plus: In a pair of bona-fide X-Men classics, Storm duel Cyclops for team leadership, and Lady Deathstrike hunts Wolverine in a savage tale by Barry Windsor-Smith (WOLVERINE: WEAPON X)! Featuring the debut of Freedom Force, the villainy of Arcade and the Hellfire Club, and the birth of Nathan Christopher Summers — the mutant who would one day become the time-traveling soldier known as Cable! Collecting Uncanny X-Men (1963) #199-#209 and X-Men Annual (1970) #10.

360 PGS./Rated T …$34.99

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