Marvel Invades Fan Expo Canada 2008 This Week

by Jeff

This week, for the first time ever, Marvel Comics will be at Fan Expo Canada From Aug 22-24, with an official booth and a slew of panels for all our True Believers in the north! Meet your favorite creators, learn more about your favorite comics, get your portfolio reviewed and find out just how to join the Marvel family this week at Fan Expo Canada 2008, beginning in Toronto on Friday, August 22nd!

Don’t miss a single minute of these mighty Marvel panels, bub! And check out the signing schedule, attached to this e-mail!

Friday, August 22nd

X-Men’s Destiny (8-9pm, Room 717)

Featuring C.B Cebulski, Matt Fraction, Peter David & John Barber!

The X-Men have a new home and a new direction in MANIFEST DESTINY, but everything may just go to hell for them, literally! Join C.B. Cebulski, writer of the upcoming X-Men event X Infernus, editor John Barber, and X-men writers as they discuss what the future holds for the endangered species of mutants!

Saturday, August 23rd

Breaking Into The House Of Ideas (1-2pm, Room 717)

Featuring C.B Cebulski, Dan Slott, Ivan Brandon & John Barber.

Ever wonder what it takes to join the mighty Marvel team? Whether you’re a writer, penciler, painter, or editor, come in and ask the pros who are at the top of their games how you can take their jobs from them! Talent Liaison C.B. Cebulski, editor John Barber, writer Dan Slott, and some of today’s hottest artists will share their stories and answer your questions at this once-in-a-lifetime panel!

Mug o’ CB [The Panel Formerly Known As Cup o’ CB] (2-3pm, Room 717)

Featuring C.B Cebulski, Matt Fraction & Dan Slott!

2008 has already been a huge success for Marvel in all corners of the Universe. Now, join Talent Liaison and writer C.B. Cebulski and a slew of the industry’s top editors and creators like Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man), and other special guests to find out what’s to come for Spider-Man, Iron Man, cosmic, the FF, and all things Marvel! You got questions, they’ve got answers!

Sunday, August 24th

The Marvel Universe Game Show (2-3pm, Room 717)

Have you always wanted to be on a game show? Here’s your chance! See this unscripted and interactive Marvel panel as randomly selected audience members partner up with editors and creators to complete on an on-stage game show!

Marvel Your Universe (3-4pm, Room 715B)

Featuring C.B Cebulski, Dan Slott, & Mike Pasciullo!

Got something on your mind? Need to get something off your chest? Come here! This is YOUR panel, not ours. We just want your two cents. Is Bucky a better Cap than Steve? Is Iron Man a hero in your eyes? Who should Thor smite? C’mon down and chime in. Ask a question, answer a question, or just save your knees from spontaneous convention combustion. We may have Marvel business cards but this is your universe!

FanExpo_SigningSchedule Marvel Invades Fan Expo Canada 2008 This Week

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