Marvel Diversity Keys!

by Mike W

Marvel-Diversity-keys-300x157 Marvel Diversity Keys!The first couple of phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been truly exceptional and entertaining. Robert Downey Jr starred as Iron Man in the movie that really started it all. The climactic point of the Infinity Saga ends with the memorable Avengers Endgame movies that changed the future of the MCU. The MCU did an excellent job of blending classic characters with lesser-known heroes during the Infinity Saga. The Infinity Saga leaned on household names such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man, while introducing less popular characters such as Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Starlord, and Black Panther in working together to defeat their enemies. Going future, Marvel has big plans on expanding their character lineup. Below are a couple of Marvel Diversity issues you should keep your eye on.

tiger Marvel Diversity Keys!White Tiger

Martial art is an interesting topic for the MCU going forward. The relation is that the upcoming Shang Chi movie could be featuring many martial artists in the plot. The rumor of the storyline being a martial arts tournament and the winner receives the Ten Rings. One character that could make their introduction is White Tiger. The character is of Puerto Rican origin and the first Latino superhero created by Marvel. This character is a well-known martial artist and would easily spread the Marvel diversity to their character lineup. White Tiger’s first appearance occurs in Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #19.

echo-194x300 Marvel Diversity Keys!Echo

There are rumors of a modern character appearing in the upcoming Hawkeye Disney Plus tv show. The character I am referring to is Echo. Echo is known as a highly-skilled martial artist but is also deaf. She is of Native American origin and is portrayed with a white handprint that covers most of her face. It is not unusual that she has a link to another popular Marvel character, Daredevil. Daredevil, who is heavily rumored to join the MCU as early as in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie. Echo made her first appearance in Daredevil #9.


jub-193x300 Marvel Diversity Keys!Jubilee is probably the most notable Marvel character that I have mentioned so far. She is best known for being part of the X-Men team. Some of us recall seeing her in the animated series during the 1990s run as she made multiple appearances as part of the team. Interestingly enough, Jubilee also provides the diversity that Marvel wants to expand on. She is a Chinese-American teenager and has the ability to emit fireworks from her fingers. There is a possibility that Marvel could expand her role in the MCU and put more emphasis on her functioning in maybe an Asian-themed team-up? Her first appearance in a comic occurs in Uncanny X-Men #244.


storm-193x300 Marvel Diversity Keys!One last issue I will mention is Marvel Team-up #100. This issue brings the first appearance of Karma. Karma is a mutant who can possess another person’s mind. Notably, she is also the first gay, female Marvel character. Eventually, Marvel will start to introduce characters with different sexual preferences. So, why not Karma? In addition, the issue also introduces the origin of Black Panther and Storm, and how they first met. Storm is heavily rumored to join the MCU and could be introduced in the upcoming Black Panther movie sequel.


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