Marvel & Disney+ Lineup Revealed

by Matt Tuck

111221B-1-300x157 Marvel & Disney+ Lineup RevealedMarvel & Disney+ shook up the Twitter-verse today with a bevy of new live-action and animated series announced for Disney+ that are sure to upend the comic market.

Earlier today, Disney and Marvel Studios used the corporation’s Twitter account to reveal the slate of new shows heading to Disney+ in the next couple of years. In all, Marvel has 14 new projects on the horizon, including the previously announced She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, and Secret Invasion

Just when it looked like Marvel’s Disney+ was public knowledge, the studio had a few surprises up its sleeve, and these shows are sure to cause a buying frenzy on the auction sites.

MARVEL ZOMBIES Screen-Shot-2021-11-12-at-11.48.41-AM-298x300 Marvel & Disney+ Lineup Revealed

From the moment Marvel and Disney revealed their promotional art for What If…?, fans locked their attention on Zombie Captain America and Hawkeye. Once the Marvel Zombies episode aired, it created an even bigger push for the undead superheroes to branch out. Audiences are getting their wish as Disney+ will have an animated Marvel Zombies adaptation on the horizon.

Whether this will be a one-off or an entire season remains to be seen, but in either case, it will help usher the MCU into the world of the supernatural. Will we see the same zombies from What If…? or will the cartoon be closer to the comics? We’ll have to wait and see.

Screen-Shot-2021-11-12-at-11.46.24-AM-300x300 Marvel & Disney+ Lineup RevealedAGATHA HARKNESS

Speaking of the supernatural, WandaVision’s breakout character is getting her own live-action series. This year, Agatha Harkness evolved from Vision and Scarlet Witch’s wacky neighbor to full-fledged villain (though still a bit on the wacky side).

If you recall, the last time we saw Agatha, Wanda seemingly erased her memory and left her in the suburbs. Considering the character’s MCU roots extend to the Salem witch trials, there is plenty of her past to explore.

Who knows? Maybe she’ll do another song or two.

ECHOScreen-Shot-2021-11-12-at-11.45.18-AM-298x300 Marvel & Disney+ Lineup Revealed

The rumors are true: Echo will be starring in her own live-action show. We already knew that she will be part of Hawkeye, possibly following her comic origins and donning the Ronin moniker for a time. The bigger picture is whether or not we will see Kingpin or any of the cast from Netflix’s Daredevil show.

The hot gossip has it that Echo will more or less serve as a fourth season of DD as Matt Murdock and Echo team together to take on the Kingpin. Having the Echo series confirmed should up the ante on that speculation.

X-MEN ‘97Screen-Shot-2021-11-12-at-11.42.43-AM-298x300 Marvel & Disney+ Lineup Revealed

Next to Marvel Zombies, X-Men ‘97 should be the biggest crowd-pleaser of the Twitter announcement. For much of 2021, there has been talk that an X-Men: the Animated Series revival was in store for Disney+, but no one from Marvel Studios had made that official.

That prompted some fans to wonder if it would actually happen.

Fear not; Disney is resurrecting the show straight from its 1990s origins, complete with the sad Wolverine meme. 

SPIDER-MAN: FRESHMAN YEAR Screen-Shot-2021-11-12-at-11.45.24-AM-300x300 Marvel & Disney+ Lineup Revealed

Out of all the new additions to Disney+, this one came straight out of left field (maybe even out of the cornfields). Not much is known about the upcoming series except that it will be another animated show that focuses on an even younger Peter Parker as he becomes Spider-Man.

According to, Marvel Studios claims this will be “a journey unlike we’ve ever seen, and a style that celebrates the character’s early comic roots.” That quote implies that instead of a modern Tom Holland Spider-Man/Peter, this could be a cartoon that returns the character to the 1960s when he was first created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, which could be interesting.


Disney had said from the beginning of its streaming journey that it wanted a significant amount of Marvel content. No question, that will certainly be the case after today’s news. The fun part will be seeing what new characters and faces the upcoming shows bring to the MCU and beyond.

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Kenloi November 17, 2021 - 4:31 am

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