Marvel Crossover Events to Keep an Eye On

by Blaise Tassone

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Ever since the Kree-Skrull war, the Marvel Universe has thrived on inter-title spanning and huge crossover events. Lately, many of these limited series containing ambitious story arcs are increasing in value due to their influence on the MCU big screen superhero sagas.

Captain America: Civil War’s box office success made more people aware of the Civil War crossover event and limited series. Likewise, the last Avengers movie did the same for the 1991 mini-series Infinity Gauntlet (while simultaneously driving the price of that once inexpensive series to new highs). What other series will influence future movies and gain or regain in value in the coming years? In this post, I’ll list three series that I think might soon be sought out due to their potential for influencing MCU films. Comic speculators would do well to buy these up now while they are still low in price. Currently these are all affordable:

Avengers # 89 (June 1971) – Part One of the Kree-Skrull War

The Skrulls are already here. The Captain Marvel film will feature both the Kree and Skrulls, we know this from plot details of the movie that have been leaked. The Skrulls will appear, the Kree have already been featured in different Marvel movies. Will the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie also reference the famous Kree-Skrull war? It’s quite possible. I would, in fact, be surprised if the Kree-Skrull war is not at least mentioned, but more likely it will be portrayed either as part of the main plot or in flashback scenes. This classic Avenger’s story arc featured in this and the subsequent issues is where that all begins. Issue #93, the fifth part of the story, is also worth picking up since it has a classic Neal Adams cover (Blaise’s rule of thumb: Neal Adams covers are almost always worth picking up). Best returns on this have been in 8.0 graded copies. At that grade, this comics current FM value is $48.00.

Infinity War #1 (June 1992) – Adam Warlock and Thanos Team up

After the sequel to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ the Marvel Universe may continue going celestial and expand stories to include elements inspired by this series. Infinity War , the comic, was the next big celestial crossover event after Infinity Gauntlet. In this book we learn that if there’s anything better than Thanos as a bad guy, it’s Thanos as an untrustworthy ally fighting against Adam Warlock’s evil half the Magus. But it’s even better than that, since the Magus clones Thanos and uses his duplicate to help anticipate what the real Thanos’ and the Infinity Watch will do. This comic has already seen a phenomenal %201 return on investment in 9.2 graded form. A 9.2 copy will currently set you back $26.00.

Secret Invasion #1 (June 2008) – Skrull Replacements Revealed

This shocker of a story was the follow up to Civil War. After the mistrust the heroes experienced due to Cap and Stark dividing their loyalties, Brian Michael Bendis and co. took it all and built it up in the Secret Invasion event to even greater magnitudes. The fact that this story came out almost immediately after Civil War has led many to speculate that it will be the next big story arc in the MCU. If the Secret Invasion story doesn’t happen right away, then given the use of the Skrulls and now the ability of Marvel to use characters like Reed Richards, it may very well happen in the not too distant future. 9.4 graded copies have seen the best returns for this comic at %80. FM value for a 9.4 grade is currently $28.00.

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