Marvel Comics’ Tom Brevoort Presents “TAKE MY TRADE!”

by Jeff

Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, one of the comic industry’s most prolific personalities, is proud to present TAKE MY TRADE, a groundbreaking quest to trade up to a copy of Fantastic Four #1! Pioneered by Brevoort’s critically-acclaimed Blah Blah Blog at Marvel.Com, this event allows fans to trade their comics with Brevoort so he can find a comic worthy of being traded for an original FF #1, which will then be donated to charity via The HERO Initiative. All comics remaining at the end of this event, which continues throughout 2009, will be auctioned by The HERO Initiative to aid in the welfare of less fortunate comic book creators. Plus, every participant in this event received a Certificate of Meaninglessness, personally signed by Brevoort himself!

“It’s going great so far. I’ve already traded away every one of the initial five books I used to start the trading, and have a small stack of cool swag to show for it. But I’m still a long way from an FF #1. And that’s where you come in.” explained Brevoort. “When this whole experiment is finished, succeed or fail, the books that remain in the stack will be donated to the HERO Initiative, to be auctioned off to benefit comics creators in need. So not only will you be having some fun and getting some neat books, you’ll also be contributing to a good cause! So swing on by, take a look at what’s presently in the stack, and offer me a swap. It won’t be a party without you!”

Well, what are you waiting for True Believer? Click over to Marvel.Com and keep up with Tom Brevoort’s Take My Trade, as comic fans from all over the world come together to procure one of comics’ true treasures—Fantastic Four #1—for a charitable cause!

TakeMyTrade_Certicate Marvel Comics' Tom Brevoort Presents "TAKE MY TRADE!"

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