Marvel Cage Match: Dracula vs. Werewolf by Night

by Norman Robinson III

123310_72fef7b2445d0c1c95e754a7b34fdf8bee974085-1-199x300 Marvel Cage Match: Dracula vs. Werewolf by NightThe werewolf has been a mainstay of the horror genre all the way back to the days of black and white TV. So it is fitting that Werewolves of Marvel are finally getting their time in the speculative moonlight. Yes, it was primitive, but the 20th Century had all the “creature” comforts. In the 70s Marvel went back to horror and put out action-filled horror comics. One such hit was the series Werewolf by Night. The character Jack Russell first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #2. Speculating for the last decade I have flipped this particular book at least a dozen times and always made money. Boy, do I wish I owned those books now. This book has lept 360 ranks into the top 100. Where will it stop; who knows? Will the first Werewolf of Marvel take a bite of the profits?





Marvel-Spotlight-002-10-200x300 Marvel Cage Match: Dracula vs. Werewolf by NightMarvel Spotlight #2

This book is the first appearance of Werewolf by Night in Marvel. It is also the first Jack Russell (the man, not the terrier) and the first appearance of Lissa Russell. It was created by Roy Thomas and Bill Everett (script) and the artists Neal Adams (yep, that Neal Adams!), Mike Ploog, and Bill Everett (pencils). The book was produced in 1972 right around the time Atari released Pong. Let’s do the numbers and see if the profit margin will make us tear off our clothes and howl at the moon!






  • Grade 9.6 $3500 FMV returns positive +24.4%
  • Grade 9.4 $1400 FMV returns positive + 123.6%
  • Grade 9.2 $675 FMV returns positive +87%
  • Grade 7.5 $250 FMV returns positive +148.4%
  • Grade 4.5 $170 FMV returns positive +78.8%

With only 805 total outstanding books in CGC Census, this book will continue to climb. Prized by only a small number of collectors,  overlooked by investors, and not in the orbit of the speculation addicts; this book has been all but forgotten. Now with a small CGC Census, folks are clawing at the back issue bins to get a piece of this 70s horror magic. In fact, all Bronze Age horror is popular now and hot as pancakes on a griddle.


125401_8b05ea770899991cf646213f80017410acad23e0-1-202x300 Marvel Cage Match: Dracula vs. Werewolf by NightWerewolf by Night #15 

As a kid, I wanted to see the different monsters mix it up. Who would win in a fight, Dracula or the Wolfman? Now, as a grownup, I have the same questions but instead of comic bloodshed, I am looking for superior speculation.

Perhaps the minor key Werewolf by Night #15 might well be “the ticket.” Overlooked until now, this book has quite a bit of value and one heck of a Mike Ploog cover! Werewolf by Night #15  with a script by Marv Wolfman (interesting last name huh?) and Mike Ploog dominating with pencils and inks and the aforementioned cover art, this book was created in 1974. It has the “new origin Werewolf; Dracula Cover and story continued from Tomb of Dracula #18, and of course the Ploog cover art”(GoCollect)




  • Grade 9.8 $1500 FMV returns positive +15.6%
  • Grade 9.6 $280 FMV returns positive +52.9%
  • Grade 9.4 $160 FMV returns positive +60.1%
  • Grade 9.2 $140 FMV returns positive +25.2%


The numbers from “Dracula Strikes” in Werewolf by Night #15 are strong and resilient. Even a 9.2 has returned +25.2% long-term. This book is easy to get your hands on and won’t cost that much raw. If you have a very fine to near mint you could be in the money. In the end, the Werewolf by Night character defeats Dracula in combat. See folks, animal instincts and rage sometimes do the trick. Speculators can always count on savagery and brute force to win the day; ever been to a retail comic book sale at 50% off? Happy hunting for your comics and remember to have a safe and secure holiday.


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