Markosia Enterprises takes HERO: 9 TO 5 on the road this February

by Jeff

aug100726 Markosia Enterprises takes HERO: 9 TO 5 on the road this FebruaryMedia Release — MARKOSIA ENTERPRISES is pleased to announce the release of HERO: 9 to 5, a 100 page original graphic novel written by Ian Sharman (Alpha Gods, FTL, Eleventh Hour), with pencils by David Gray and colours by Yel Zamour.

HERO: 9 to 5 is sure to appeal to fans of great comic stories everywhere.

Hero 9 to 5 is a unique and hilarious take on the concept of the real-world superhero. Like the best parodies, it doesn’t merely make fun of the genre on which it is based, but accentuates some its sillier aspects, while telling a great story in its own right. Sci-Fi had Douglas Adams, Fantasy has Terry Pratchett, and while this isn’t quite at the level of those great authors, it’s a damn good attempt to do the same for comics!” — Hypergeek

HERO 9 TO 5 is a new original graphic novel by the creative team of Ian Sharman, David Gray, and Yel Zamour.

“What if being a super hero was just like any other job? What if you fell in love with your arch enemy? What if your sidekick had a crush on you? Meet Jacob Reilly, aka Flame-O. He didn’t want to be a hero, he wanted to be a rock star, but now he’s stuck working for Heroes for Zeroes, and his life is about to get, really, really complicated….”

HERO: 9 TO 5 is available directly from Markosia Enterprises:

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Get HERO: 9 TO 5 for your iPhone! From ComiXology:

Writer Ian Sharman will be on hand to sign copies at next month’s Midlands MCM Expo – 19th Feb –, as well as the Cardiff International Comic Expo – 26th Feb –, and the London Comic and Small Press Expo – 12th March – Please stop by and say hello!

For more information on Markosia Enterprises visit them online at

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