Market Reaction – Thunderbolts Announcement

by Douglas Ohlandt

061622A-1024x536 Market Reaction - Thunderbolts AnnouncementWell, it’s been a hot week since Marvel let loose a storm on the collecting industry by revealing that they’ve found a director for the upcoming Thunderbolts movie, a film that hadn’t yet been confirmed.  Let’s see how the market reacted to this stunning news.

Thunderbolts – First Appearance

IncHulk449-202x300 Market Reaction - Thunderbolts Announcement

On Friday, June 9, an article in Deadline revealed that Marvel had tapped Jake Schreier as the director for an upcoming Thunderbolts film, and the comic collecting market went berserk for the first appearance of the Thunderbolts in Incredible Hulk #449.

Since June 9, no fewer than 75 graded copies have sold.  The highest price paid was for a 9.8 signed copy that sold for a slashed $1,450 on June 13 on eBay.  The highest non-signed sale was for a 9.8 that sold for $815 on June 10.  While these are notable upticks from the average May sales price of $487, they’re a long way from peak prices.  Take a look at the below:

Thunderbolts-Top-9-Graded-Sales Market Reaction - Thunderbolts Announcement

These are the top nine sales ever for graded copies of Incredible Hulk #449.  While we see that signed copy that sold on June 13 and a signed copy that sold in 2019, the rest of the list is dominated by sales in 2021.  In fact, you would have to go all the way down the list to the 39th slot before you would find that copy that sold on June 10.  Every other sale in the list between numbers 10 and 38 is from 2021.

While volume is up considerably, and that’s reason to celebrate, the record-setting prices of 2021 for this book are significantly higher than what we’re seeing now.

Thunderbolts – First Issue

Tbolts1-197x300 Market Reaction - Thunderbolts Announcement

Thunderbolts #1 is the defacto key that collectors seek if they’re priced out of Incredible Hulk #449 or already own a copy (and if you’d like to know more about Thunderbolts keys, check out Matt Tuck’s piece from June 15).

This is a book that has definitely benefited from the announcement of the film.  While no records have been set, sales of 9.8 graded copies have been much more in line with peak sales from 2021.  The high sale over the past 30 days is creeping closer to the high sale from the past year.

Thunderbolts-1-Averages Market Reaction - Thunderbolts Announcement

Continue to watch this book closely.  It’s much more affordable than Incredible Hulk #449 and prices are steadily rising since June 9.

Who Will Be on the Thunderbolts Roster?  Yelena Belova?

Inhumans5-198x300 Market Reaction - Thunderbolts Announcement

There has already been a ton of conjecture regarding the membership of the Thunderbolts when their film premieres.  One that looks like a mortal lock is Yelena Belova.  Her first appearance was in Inhumans #5.

Surprisingly, not a single graded copy has sold since the Thunderbolts film was announced.  Prices in the 90-day average appear to have settled at $550, with that same price being both the low and high sales; that looks like the price you would have to pay if you want a 9.8 copy.

U.S. Agent?

CaptAmer323-193x300 Market Reaction - Thunderbolts AnnouncementAnother sure bet to appear in Thunderbolts is U.S. Agent.  John Walker first appeared in Captain America #323, and then showed up as U.S. Agent fully for the first time in Captain America #354.  Six graded copies of the former have sold since June 9, while three graded copies have sold of the latter.  These are both books long past their The Falcon and the Winter Solder high, and prices since June 9 have been roughly in line with their FMV, so no bounce from the announcement.

Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine?

ST159-200x300 Market Reaction - Thunderbolts AnnouncementJulia Louis-Dreyfus made a big splash when she appeared at the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as former Nick Fury lover Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine, and then again in the closing credits of Black Widow.  The Contessa’s first comic book appearance, Strange Tales #159, has been in high demand ever since.  Seeing as how she will be the likely leader of the Thunderbolts when they appear in film, it would stand to reason that we would see a spike in sales of this book.

Alas, no.  Only two graded copies have sold since June 9.  One was a 6.5 graded copy that sold for a slashed $270 on June 9, definitely down from its peak and lower than sales as recently as March.

ST159-sales Market Reaction - Thunderbolts Announcement

Want more Market Reactions?

Are you excited about the Thunderbolts movie?  Are you collecting or investing in Thunderbolts keys?  Let us know below.

000052721D-1-Footer Market Reaction - Thunderbolts Announcement*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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GQGuyforComics June 19, 2022 - 9:55 pm

hey doug, just a curious question …. how many % is the increase in terms number of buyers or people buying it rather in reflection to the amount sold? like me this thunderbolt never got my attention but the news keep coming out before , rumors , also sources such as key collector etc. its like slowly psyching you up like marinating your brain about this team to be a good one or sale-able one and so on. lets be honest this group wasnt even in the talk much even then , you still got the defenders and so on. because is it the collectors going after the book or some group or groups of people wanting again to make a buck. in truth is it a working formula rumors + movie details out + Fomo = profit? can this thing keep working cause next one is wonder man …. let it be known as well that normally we start seeing books and a lot coming out once this details comes out. why the question …. does people want the book for collecting purposes or just ride the wave like of a pyramid scheme ? if your the last buyer on the last moments then …. “sorry” lastly i learned my lesson once the book starts to take off in prices leave it be , im going after books that other people attention span drop or slip their radars

Kenloi June 21, 2022 - 7:35 am

Most ‘collectors’ would have brought 449 years ago for cover price and hoarded away long term It was deemed as a possible gem but held back for being a 90s book with mediocre artwork..Most speculators are not as fussy as they buy for profit.


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