Market Reaction – Ms Marvel

by Douglas Ohlandt

060722C-1-1-1024x536 Market Reaction - Ms MarvelExpectations were low heading into the premiere of Ms. Marvel on Disney+ on June 8.  But then a funny thing happened – fans enjoyed it and the critics loved it.  Now that the series is over, let’s see how the market reacted.  WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD.

First Appearance

allnewmarvelnowpointone1-197x300 Market Reaction - Ms Marvel

Kamala Khan had a number of cameo appearances in comic books before making her debut as Ms. Marvel in All-New Marvel Now: Point One #1.  However, this issue is the one where she first appears as Ms. Marvel, so that’s the one that is widely considered her first appearance.  Unfortunately, not even the premiere of the series could stop this book from freefalling.

The averages for 9.8 graded copies tell the tale:  1-year average – $1,159, 90-day average – $883, 30-day average – $757.  The FMV currently stands at $750.  This book’s first price jump was in mid-2020 when prices soared from an average of $320 to an average of $865.  By January 2021, the average price had dropped down to $726 before experiencing a massive spike to $1700.  It’s been mostly downhill since November 2021.

It’s a fool’s errand trying to predict where the floor will be for a modern comic when the pricing is so heavily affected by the on-screen appearance of the character.  However, if the past is prologue, it wouldn’t shock me to see this book reach a nadir at a price similar to its previous floor in January 2021.

First Solo Issue

msmarvel1-198x300 Market Reaction - Ms Marvel

I wish I could say that Ms. Marvel #1, the first issue of Kamala Khan’s first solo series, saw a spike from the show, but, alas, such is not the case.  As with All-New Marvel Now: Point One #1, this book has been in freefall for months.  In fact, it’s now selling at a lower point than it has since August 2020.

The 30-day average and the FMV are both at $230 for a 9.8 graded copy, down 32% from the 1-year average of $339, and down 68% from its $725 peak in September 2021.  I imagine a floor is coming soon for this issue but don’t be shocked if it drops a little more.  With 1,607 graded copies, it’s not as if it’s a rare find.

So, What Did Move Up?

mcp158-197x300 Market Reaction - Ms Marvel

ClanDestine made their MCU debut in Ms. Marvel, and their first appearance in Marvel Comics Presents #158 saw some gains as a result.  There are only 30 graded copies of this book in the CGC census.  The only sales of 9.8 graded copies occurred beginning on June 6, just a couple days before the Ms. Marvel show premiered.  That first sale was for $250 on eBay.

Subsequent sales saw this issue reach a slashed $400 price on June 22 and June 27, and then a slashed $500 price on July 1.  That’s an 80% gain in less than a month.  While the price will likely drop from here, I can’t imagine it will again be the dollar bin book it had been for so many years.

mcp19-196x300 Market Reaction - Ms Marvel

Speaking of MCP, Marvel Comics Presents #19, the first appearance of Damage Control, saw some gains as well.  The previous high for this book in a 9.8 grade had been a slashed $130 sale in August 2021.  A June 18 sale saw that peak climb to $190 before settling back down to $149 in an eBay sale on July 13.  Damage Control appears to have solidified itself as an MCU mainstay, so don’t be surprised if this issue continues to retain value.

Kamala/Carol Swap?

captmarvel17-198x300 Market Reaction - Ms Marvel

It wouldn’t be Marvel without a scene coming in the middle or the end of the credits.  In this case, at the end of Episode 6 we saw Kamala’s bangle glow, and then she disappeared to be replaced by none other than Captain Marvel.  It was eerily reminiscent of the original Captain Marvel swapping places with Rick Jones via the Nega-Bands, as happened for the first time in Captain Marvel #17.

While there have been no sales of graded copies since Episode 6 premiered on July 13, this is definitely a book to follow as this could be a key plot point in The Marvels, due to be released next year.

imanvellani-300x169 Market Reaction - Ms Marvel

We also got our first MCU tease of mutants in Episode 6 when Bruno revealed that Kamala’s powers were at least partly caused by a mutation in her genes, which was followed quickly by a music sting from the X-Men cartoon of the 1990s.  While it’s unlikely that any single issue will see a spike from this reference, the fact that Kevin Feige and company are beginning to lay the groundwork for mutants has some fans excited.

Want more Ms Marvel spec?

Were you a fan of Ms. Marvel?  Do you think her key issues will bounce back or continue to fall?  Let us know below.

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Matt Kennedy July 18, 2022 - 12:24 pm

I wonder when the prices on Uncanny X-Men #164 will start their sharp rise. Binary was hinted-at in WandaVision, and with the Nega-Bands swap we should be prepared for the plot of THE MARVELS to address all versions of Captain Marvel in some capacity. Considering that all Claremont issues of his original X-Men run have been on a steady rise, this is one of those keys that is frequently overlooked compared with some others in that era. The second Cockrum run on Uncanny X-Men has always been overshadowed by the Byrne run that preceded it, but much of what is likely to make it into the MCU comes from the post Byrne era.

Also worth noting is that Cockrum and Claremont were the team behind the first Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel series, so there is a direct correlation between that and this issue of X-Men.

One thing we know about Kevin Feige is that he loves to pay some kind of tribute to creator-team continuity on screen.

Derek Flaunty July 18, 2022 - 1:42 pm

Disney’s influence on comic prices will rapidly decrease. As the company follow the ‘woke’ road to new highs lifelong collectors like myself are not even bothering to watch.

Marvel fan72 July 22, 2022 - 11:06 pm

I agree that Disney’s influence on comic prices might dwindle as new speculators and collectors get burned by bad guesses (e.g. Mephisto). But, I continue to find it funny that some long time comic fans can’t enjoy a character unless they are white, or straight, or whatever passes for acceptible to the anti-woke crowd. One comment I hear is that these “woke” messages are being shoved down comic fans throats, well imagine what it would be like going through an entire childhood without any representation in comics. The nice thing about comics today is that most children can find a character like them, and anti-woke folks can still find comics to read– don’t like a comic or character, then don’t read it.

If the X-Men and the idea of being treated different because someone was a mutant were introduced today, some comic fans would be complaining on social media about wokeness. I’ll be the first to admit that as an old white guy, I haven’t read a Ms. Marvel comic. But, I just finished the Disney plus series and thought it was the best series after Hawkeye. Because of that, I’m going back and reading some of the comics. Even an old comic fan can learn to appreciate something new.


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