Market Fallout: Hulk #181 and Giant-Size X-Men #1

by Matt Tuck

Hulk-181-cover-200x300 Market Fallout: Hulk #181 and Giant-Size X-Men #1Wolverine’s healing factor isn’t helping Hulk #181 and Giant-Size X-Men #1’s current values. However, if you found last year’s prices ridiculously inflated, you’ll like this news.

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the comic market. Depending on whether you’re a buyer or a seller, that could be bad or good news.

As I have detailed over recent weeks, we see the evidence in the hottest keys, such as The Eternals #1, to mainstay “holy grails” like the early Silver Surfer appearances. It’s even brought down prices for a staple of the collecting world, Amazing Spider-Man #1.

Alas, even my beloved Wolverine and X-Men keys are not immune to the virus fallout. Just like virtually every other key issue on the market, the mega-keys Incredible Hulk #181 and Giant-Size X-Men #1 have lost value since the outbreak took full effect here in the United States. Let’s break it down further.

Hulk-181-page-1-219x300 Market Fallout: Hulk #181 and Giant-Size X-Men #1INCREDIBLE HULK #181

Since mid-March, nine different universal grades have been selling below their 2018 fair market values. In addition, four grades have sold under last year’s averages.

One of the more popular grades has been the 4.0. A year ago, it carried an FMV of $1,737 and traded hands 29 times. So far in 2020, it has sold 11 times and reached a high of nearly $1,700 on March 10. Since then, it has felt the pain of the recession. On March 25, it dropped to as low as $1,450. April has only seen one sale, but it has bounced back with a sale of $1,595, which is still slightly below the 2018 average.

Another grade that took a hard hit has been the 3.5. On March 12, things were looking good for this grade when it sold for $1,908. That happens to be the second-highest sale since it reached $2k in 2018. Since then, it’s come back to reality with only one sale during the pandemic, bringing $1,340 on April 6.

GSX-1-cover-194x300 Market Fallout: Hulk #181 and Giant-Size X-Men #1GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1

Overall, this historic issue has proven to be more resilient than other keys. While Hulk #181 saw the majority of grades selling for under their 2018 figures, GSX #1 has just two that were at two-year lows. Still, there are eight grades that have been off the pace from 2019’s FMVs.

At the top of the heap is the 9.8. Last year, it closed the year with an impressive $11,964. It even sold for over $13k three times and set a new record with a $13,800 sale in November. On March 5, it was still chugging along, selling for over $10k despite the “Christmas Dip.” Then the worm turned, and the last sale was for $8,900 on March 30. It hasn’t sold for that low since June 2018.

As I pointed out, most GSX #1 grades have been faring better than many other key issues. Although most are selling for under their 2019 values, both the 8.0 and the 0.5 have actually been selling above last year’s FMVs.


There are great deals to be found in today’s comic market. With stimulus checks on the way, I anticipate a brief spike for some holy grails. Still, the market is in a downward spiral, and it will take time for it to fully recover. In the meantime, I hope you land that grail you’ve waited so long to own.

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albert April 16, 2020 - 10:03 am

I’ve always enjoyed your commentary. Keep up the good work.

Matt Tuck April 16, 2020 - 10:54 am

Thank you so much for the compliment, Albert.

Tony May 1, 2020 - 4:00 pm

This article gave me that extra bump of justification/rationalization to get a GSX #1. I bought a 9.6 copy at an auction yesterday at a great price.


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