Mark Millar’s CLiNT evolves into Magazine Superior

by Jeff

MAR121192 Mark Millar's CLiNT evolves into Magazine SuperiorMedia Release — After threatening to mutate into something even more wonderful with its last handful of issues, Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar has retooled CLiNT, the 100-page comics magazine, into a whole new volume, with a new #1!

With four brand-new stories beginning between its covers, a brand new look, new logo and new attitude, the little comic that could is now the comic you can’t ignore!

Every issue now features epic news and interview exclusives you won’t read anywhere else – from set reports, casting announcements and extensive actor grillings to behind-the-scenes commentaries and new art from top comics talent!

Hitting comic stores May 9th, CLiNT #2.1 showcases a double kidney punch of new Mark Millar strips: SUPERCROOKS with artist Leinil Yu, the story of a group of failed supercriminals who head to Spain for one last heist. Already in production at Universal, the movie is co-written, produced and directed by cult-favourite Spanish director, Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, Extraterrestrial).

Next up, THE SECRET SERVICE, Millar’s hotly anticipated collaboration with Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons and Kick-Ass / X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn – the fast-tracked movie is being plotted by Vaughn at the same time as the comic!

“It’s really exciting to have as many movie adaptations on their way as Marvel Studios or DC/Time Warner,” says Millar, reflecting on his good fortune. “If you want to know the latest on anything from Kick-Ass 2 to Supercrooks to The Secret Service, Superior, Nemesis, American Jesus and beyond, then CLiNT is the place to be in 2012.”

CLiNT isn’t just a monotone Millar-fest, either. Says Millar, “It’s always been important to me that there’s a reason to pick up the mag even if you’ve got no interest in my stuff. Aside from the great comics we’ve run like Turf, Rex Roydand Who Is Jake Ellis?, our features and interviews have gone from zero to hero and we’re firing on all cylinders. If you were turned off by the sub-lads mag stuff we dabbled with at the beginning, then you’ll be exhilarated to hear that that’s all been broomed. We’ve found our voice and we’re happy to shout it from the rooftops.

“In the last few issues of volume one, we ran massive interviews with Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead, grilled the top flight at Marvel Comics, and showcased industry favourite Garth Ennis. That’s not to mention the exclusive look at artwork from this year’s indie smash in the making, America’s Got Powers, with Bryan Hitch and UK chat show behemoth Jonathan Ross – or the backroom revelations of colourists, letterers and editors, who revealed the mysteries behind how they get the comics you love into your hands — and no doubt inspired a flotilla of young creators in the process.”

The CLiNT reboot also boasts the EXCLUSIVE, Hollywood-baiting DEATH SENTENCE strip – the story Millar calls, “The best idea I’ve seen for a comic in years. Genuinely original.” From writer Monty Nero and Mike Dowling, Death Sentence is the story of three Londoners dealt superpowers and six months to live by the sexually-transmitted G-Plus virus. Dramatic, thought-provoking and hilarious, Death Sentence is a take-down of celebrity culture that also thumbs its nose at invasive modes of government – and you’ll only find it in CLiNT!

Speaking of EXCLUSIVES – don’t miss a bold new chapter of REX ROYD by outspoken satirist Frankie Boyle, taking the planet’s most immoral super-genius into uncharted, big-budget brain-buster territory!

With brand new strips and a great new look, this fresh new look at the CLiNT format is perfect for new, old and lapsed readers alike. “If you gave it a miss first time around, you’ve been missing out. It’s a fab, meaty package and one of the most thrilling, high-value concentrations of comics around. The exclusive news and interviews are just the icing on a particularly delectable, beefy cake. And yes, I’m mixing my mains with my dessert, but I don’t care. It’s that bloody good.”

As a sneak preview of what else is coming up – don’t miss the launch of Kick-Ass spin-off HIT-GIRL, from Millar and John Romita, Jr, which starts in CLiNT #2.2!

Available to order now through the March issue of PREVIEWS, Titan (co-publisher of CLiNT) is planning a massive marketing campaign to support with print, online, social networking and press activity, including an exclusive ‘CLiNT Week’ on starting Feb 27 – and a ‘Vote CLiNT’ video viral.

Comic fans are urged to download and fill out this pull list form and give it to their local comic store to guarantee their copy:

CLiNT #2.1 will be available from all good magazine retailers and comic stores on May 9 2012 US, May 10 2012 UK, priced $6.99/£4.25.

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