Martian Manhunter Is Coming To The DC Universe

by Robert D'Ottavi

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Growing up, Martian Manhunter was one of my favorite DC characters. As the years went by, I was shocked that the character never made that jump from cartoon to live-action. Unlike his Justice League co-stars. With the news of the Snyder Cut and confirmation from the filmmaker that the character was in his original cut, it is safe to say that Martian Manhunter is coming to the DC Universe!

Martian Manhunter Is Coming To The DC Universe

Detective-Comics-225-240x300 Martian Manhunter Is Coming To The DC Universe

Manhunter, or J’onn J’onzz, was created by Joseph Samachson and Joe Certa, and first appeared in Detective Comics #225 in

November of 1955. Over the years, Martian Manhunter became a fan-favorite, appearing in cartoons such as Young JusticeThe Batman, and Justice League Action. In recent years, the character has become a mainstay on the CW in Supergirl, where he is portrayed by David Harewood.

While television has been kind to the character, let’s just say cinema Jas not been so welcoming. In 2007, George Miller was set to direct a Justice League film with the character starring in a leading role. However, due to a silly issue revolving around tax and the Australian Prime Minister, the film was shut down.

It wasn’t until Snyder’s 2013 picture, Man of Steel, in which the character (retroactively) marked his cinematic debut. Introduced to audiences in that film as General Swanwick, it was later revealed by Snyder that Swanwick was actually the Martian Manhunter in disguise.

Secret_Origins_Special_Giant_Issue_1-240x300 Martian Manhunter Is Coming To The DC UniverseKey Issues for Martian Manhunter

With the Snyder Cut set to hit HBO Max next year, it is safe to say that 2021 will mark the official cinematic debut of Martian Manhunter. With that out of the way, should you invest in the Manhunter from Mars?

Unfortunately, Manhunter is one of the oldest DC heroes, and as such, Detective Comics #225 will set you back a hefty amount. On eBay at the moment, a 5.5 version of the book is trading for $4,750 (USD). While this book will surely go up in value once the Snyder Cut hits, I can totally understand your hesitation.

Fortunately, Manhunter has a few other keys. The character’s origin story is one of the best and was actually retold in Secret Origins #1, which is trading at an 8.5 on eBay for $670. Additionally, Manhunter’s first solo story – found in House of Mystery #143 – is also a great get. On eBay at the moment, you can find plenty of copies in a variety of different grades. For reference, a graded 7.5 version of the book is selling for $250.

Final Thoughts

Unlike a Batman or Superman, Martian Manhunter is a tough character to invest in. At the moment, it is unclear whether or not the character will appear in future films once Snyder’s Justice League hits. However, provided the film is a success, I would not be too shocked if he stuck around. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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