Man-Wolf & Solo: The Future of Sony’s Spider-Verse?

by Robert D'Ottavi

Man-Wolf-Cover-300x169 Man-Wolf & Solo: The Future of Sony's Spider-Verse?To call Sony’s creative endeavours interesting is perhaps an understatement. Sony’s attempt at a Marvel Cinematic Universe has been fascinating to see, and I am not entirely sure if I mean that in a positive manner. After the success of 2018’s Venom, Sony went all in on the concept of a shared Spider-Verse, consisting of Spider-Man characters like Morbius, Madame Web, Kraven the Hunter, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Mysterio, Spider-Woman and now… Man-Wolf and Solo? Could these two obscure Spidey characters be the future of Sony’s Spider-Verse?

The world of Spider-Man is filled to the brim with wonderful and unique characters. Whether it be oldies but goldies like Doctor Octopus, or new guns like Miles Morales, to suggest that Sony does not have enough to work with is foolish. However, the direction the studio is going in regarding which characters they use is… well, it is interesting to say the least. Let me put this on the record, if I was put in charge of the operation, Morbius would not be the second film I green light.

753025-194x300 Man-Wolf & Solo: The Future of Sony's Spider-Verse?

Man-Wolf & Solo: The Future of Sony’s Spider-Verse?

The Sony Spider-Verse just keeps getting weirder as according to the Illuminerdi, spin-off films for both Man-Wolf and Solo (no relation) are in development. Unlike Morbius or Venom, the character of Solo is more of a hero, meaning we could see him and the wall-crawler team up down the line. Born as James Bourne, Solo is a counter-terrorism specialist who is a master of hand to hand combat and firearms. Perhaps Sony is looking at this character and imagining a high-tech thriller or spy film? Alternatively, Man-Wolf, also known as John Jameson (son of J.J) could be Sony’s attempt at a genuine monster movie. With the recent success of Blumhouse’s relaunch of The Invisible Man, Sony could be taking some cues from the low-budget masterminds. Plus, the studio officially has J.K. Simmons back as the elder Jameson, and I imagine they would want to incorporate him into the film somehow.

clean-7-2-195x300 Man-Wolf & Solo: The Future of Sony's Spider-Verse?

As far as investing is concerned, these characters are again… interesting. The character of Solo first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #19 from 1986. On eBay at the moment, a 9.4 copy of the book is trading for a mere $50 (USD), an absolutely wild price. Unfortunately, that is the only one online at the moment, however, I expect that to change over the next few weeks. On the Man-Wolf side of things, John Jameson technically first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, but considering that book is borderline holy, I say focus on The Amazing Spider-Man #124, the first appearance of Jameson as Man-Wolf. On eBay, the book is already selling for a high price. In fact, in September of last year, a 9.8 copy sold for $3,000! At the moment, a 9.4 copy is trading at $600, while a 9.6 is selling for $1,195.

With Sony, you need to keep your ears out. The studio is very quick to announce projects, and then drop them soon after – remember Silver & Black? At the moment, I would keep an eye on these books, but if you find a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #124 for a good price (i.e. anything under $400), I say go for it.


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Christopher S Peruzzi March 26, 2020 - 12:55 pm

I had the Power Records version of ASM #124 with record included. I would wonder how much these gems would be worth.


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