Make Way For Hercules In The MCU

by Robert D'Ottavi Make Way For Hercules In The MCU

For a while now, Hercules has been rumored to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the early days of the MCU, the character has been poised to pop up in many projects, but as of right now, he has appeared in absolutely none. However, that could all change – if a recent rumor is to be believed. So, without further ado, make way for Hercules!

In case you are unaware of Hercules’ presence in the Marvel universe, allow me to give you a crash-course on the character. Hercules first appeared in Avengers #10, where he was portrayed as an antagonist. However, that appearance was not acknowledged in his sophomore showing in 1965’s Journey Into Mystery Annual #1. The character has been featured in many iconic Marvel comics, in particular, Tales To Astonish #79, in which Hercules does battle with the Incredible Hulk. Despite teaming-up with multiple Marvel heroes like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, it wasn’t until Avengers #45, when Hercules was formally inducted into the line-up, becoming a “full-fledged Avenger.” In recent years, the Hercules character has become an icon for the LGBT community in comics, as the character came-out as a bi-sexual, having had a relationship with the X-Men’s Northstar.clean-2-195x300 Make Way For Hercules In The MCU

Make Way For Hercules

In recent memory, Hercules has become a pretty important character in regards to The Eternals, who are set to debut on the big screen in 2021. Funnily enough, the character was actually rumored to appear in The Eternals, but those theories and such went nowhere. Now, according to The Cinema Spot, he is back on the MCU radar.

While the actual production in which Hercules will debut is undecided, it is heavily believed that the character will appear in either She-HulkLoki or Thor: Love & Thunder. Personally, considering his relationship with the Thor character in the comics, it would make the most sense for the character to debut there, especially if Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk tags along.

Interestingly, Hercules’ appearance in Avengers #10 does not actually count as his comic book debut, according to CGC. On all grades of that comic book, Hercules’ name is not mentioned as a means of importance, unlike Journey Into Mystery Annual #1.

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On eBay right now, you can find an array Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 in various grades. Funnily enough, this book is nowhere near as expensive as I anticipated. For example, a 7.5 graded book will set you back around $700 (USD). Considering Hercules’ importance to the Marvel Universe in the comics, this a steal, straight-up. If you are not too sure about the book and don’t want to fork out a wage, you can pick-up an ungraded copy for a mere $100. Granted, this copy looks to be a 3.0 (at most).

Kevin Feige’s committing to introducing more LGBT superheroes to the MCU, could help Hercules fill those roles? Personally, I could see Hercules becoming a great-recurring character in the MCU, especially if they cast someone like Luke Evans in the role. What do you guys think, could Hercules become a great-MCU hero?


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