Madame Xanadu and the DCEU

by Matt Tuck

072221B-300x157 Madame Xanadu and the DCEUMadame Xanadu is on her way to the DCEU, and that should have you scrambling to find her key issues. Lucky for you, there are only three that should top your wish list.


Much like Zatanna, Madame Xanadu is part of the magical realm of the DC Universe. As the story goes, Xanadu is part of King Arthur mythology. She is the sister of Morgaine Le Fey and the famed Lady of the Lake (but a farcical aquatic ceremony to distribute swords is no basis for a system of government; enjoy, Monty Python fans). The three, as far as the DC lore, are descendants of Atlantis, so that ties them to Aquaman.

Her series could introduce another key character into the DCEU, the Phantom Stranger, and possibly include the Spectre. Over the centuries, Xanadu, the Stranger, and the Spectre have had many encounters, and that might just be a plot point for her HBO Max series in the future.

On that note, let’s take a look at three key issues you’ll want to target before Madame Xanadu makes it to live-action.

Doorway-to-Nightmare-1-194x300 Madame Xanadu and the DCEUDOORWAY TO NIGHTMARE #1

The Bronze Age brought about plenty of magical characters into the DC and Marvel comic universes. DC’s reigning queen of the macabre, Zatanna, got some competition in 1978 when Madame Xanadu made her debut. 

No question, this is the Xanadu key to have. Follow the money, and the trail will most certainly lead you to those coveted first appearances. Before the HBO Max news,  Doorway to Nightmare #1 had been a largely overlooked issue. Since then, the higher grades are reaching record figures. As of the time of this writing, the 9.8 had reached the $1,200 mark. Two years ago, it had never sold for more than $660.

Madame-Xanadu-1-194x300 Madame Xanadu and the DCEUMADAME XANADU #1 (1981)

It may have only lasted one issue, but Madame Xanadu starred in her first self-titled series in 1981. While this won’t necessarily be a major key by any stretch, there’s still a chance that collectors will add this to their wish lists once the show premieres.

After all, what do you do when the first appearance gets out of reach? Opt for the next best thing, and in this case, it’s the first self-titled issue. If nothing else, it’s worth having to admire the aesthetic of the 1980s DC art. 

This is very affordable, with all 9.8 sales over the last year hovering around $150.


Zatanna may steal the spotlight for most fans, but Madame Xanadu is a founding member of the Justice League Dark. With DC building a shared universe at least among its HBO Max series, then it stands to reason that her show will lay the foundation for the coming of the JLD, who are slated to get their own HBO Max series as well.

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The JLD keys are a bit convoluted to track down. The team made several unofficial appearances and cameos before finally getting the official nod in Justice League Dark #1. Before that happened, the team made its unofficial debut in Blue Devil Annual #1. Madame Xanadu joined Blue Devil, Creeper, Phantom Stranger, Man-Bat, Etrigan, and Black Orchid to form what Creeper dubbed, “spooky Justice League.” This would form the basis for the team later recognized as the Justice League Dark, and we just might see the original members in Xanadu’s HBO Max series. That will make Blue Devil Annual #1 a must-have for JLD fans.


A Madame Xanadu series may not initially turn heads, but her ties to so many mystic characters from DC’s pantheon of characters could make for a great series. Besides the Phantom Stranger and the Spectre, she could even introduce Etrigan to the live-action realm. This will definitely be a show to watch that should give speculators plenty to talk about week after week.

Upgrade2_Footer Madame Xanadu and the DCEU

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