M Press digitally release THE RIGHT EYE OF GOD

by Jeff

REOGCVR M Press digitally release THE RIGHT EYE OF GODMedia Release — Race for the Gold writer Thorn Bacon returns in collaboration with Julie A. Mitzel!

Released today is M Press veteran writer Thorn Bacon’s (Race for the Gold) first collaboration with Julie A. Mitzel in The Right Eye of God.

It is estimated that more than 60,000 people were killed as a result of the war on drugs during the six-year reign of Felipe Calderon, the former President of Mexico. The Right Eye of God is a fictional tale of the ruthless pursuit of Thomas and Yuma, a desperate man and woman fleeing across the treacherous Chihuahuan Desert to escape unscrupulous killers from the “Ring of Gold.” Their unremitting adventure culminates in a showdown that ultimately thwarts an assassination plot of Calderon, which is loosely based on fact. Thomas Navarre, an unlikely hero is warned early on by a shape-shifting sin-eater that he will meet death in a tunnel in the bowels of Mexico City. The shattering climax to The Right Eye of God brings Thomas face to face with his grim destiny . . .

“A hunker-in exciting read for all. Thomas Navarre’s integrity and bastion of strength resonates deep in the soul of a woman and grips at the wild-at-heart nature of a man.” – Julie A. Mitzel

“The Right Eye of God exposes the powerful influence of Mexican drug cartels, the innocence of their victims and the need to continue to eradicate their gruesome menacing existence.” – Thorn Bacon

Lose yourself in The Right Eye of God, available for download today through Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Books, and the iBookstore!

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