Low-Risk Speculation: Superman #25 and the Black Suit

by Matt Tuck

Superman-suit-art-300x150 Low-Risk Speculation: Superman #25 and the Black SuitZack Snyder keeps teasing us with his vision for the Justice League, and Superman’s new look could have implications for Man of Steel #25.


We had been hearing about this fabled Snyder cut of the Justice League movie for years. To the delight of fans around the world, ATT/Time-Warner announced that the Snyder cut was real, and it would be released on HBO Max next year.

Superman-Snyder-Cut-black-suit-300x195 Low-Risk Speculation: Superman #25 and the Black SuitSince then, Snyder seems to be enjoying the spotlight. Week after week, more clues and teases are released to the masses.

First, we were told that Darkseid would be a bigger part of the film before a teaser trailer featured an ancient portrait of the Lord of Apokolips. Then there were rumors that both Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter would be added to the mix as Snyder had originally planned. It left fans wanting more, and Snyder delivered.

The newest treat from the upcoming Justice League confirms that Superman will sport the black suit that he wore in “Reign of Supermen.”

Superman-Black-Suit-195x300 Low-Risk Speculation: Superman #25 and the Black SuitWHAT IS IT?

Most of us simply call it Superman’s black suit. Actually, it is the Kryptonian recovery suit. As we know from Superman lore, our yellow sun’s rays grant him his powers. While Supes is recovering from his “death,” the suit absorbs solar energy to quicken the healing process.

It first appeared as the Man of Steel returned from the dead after his battle with Doomsday ended in Superman #75. When he was placed in the Regeneration Matrix in the Fortress of Solitude, he was dressed in his black look. In Man of Steel #25, he emerged from a Kryptonian war suit sporting his new suit.



Superman-Man-of-Steel-25-196x300 Low-Risk Speculation: Superman #25 and the Black SuitSUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #25

Most of us who collected comics in the 1990s have this issue tucked away in our long boxes. The death and return of Superman captivated the comic world and the mainstream media, and each issue sold very well. That means that finding a high-grade copy will not be a herculean feat.

There have not been any sales for this issue in 2020, but last year a 9.8 made a significant impact. Back in January 2019, one sold for an impressive $85. That same year, a 9.4 brought a respectable $50.

If you do not mind taking a gamble with a raw copy, you can add a Man of Steel #25 to your collection for very little. EBay’s sold listings have this issue typically selling for less than $5.


There is not a lot of potential for huge returns when it comes to this issue. Generally speaking, a brief costume change for Superman is not something to get too excited over. However, it is still a first appearance of sorts, and if the suit becomes a boon for the Justice League‘s Snyder cut, more fans may scour eBay looking for graded copies. In any event, this issue is so cheap at the moment that it is hard not to take the gamble and hold onto it just in case it gains popularity. Even if nothing happens, you still have a small piece of Superman history.


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