Losers of Mid-October, 2017

by Matt Tuck

134474_815b0798fc76fe3543f53eafa9e1d99906527f7a-197x300 Losers of Mid-October, 2017

As baseball’s boys of summer stretch their respective seasons into fall, collectors can watch the winners and losers jockeying for position throughout October.

When it comes to the comic book market, you almost have to see it as a game similar to baseball. You have your players on hot streaks and those on cold spells, and sometimes you have to wait it out to see who has the talent to stay in the starting lineup for the long run.

Such is the world of comics.

The comic market rises and falls on a daily basis. There are times when your favorite is being sold in droves, and within weeks, collectors have had their fill, and it plummets.

While you can’t say that all of these comics are necessarily plummeting, they are definitely dropping enough to raise alarm.


Can we blame this one on Finn Jones?

The cold reception of Netflix’s “Iron Fist” (and the maddening number of times that Iron Fist needed to tell people he was, in fact, “The Immortal Iron Fist” in “Defenders”) can attribute to collectors pulling away from any and all things Iron Fist.

“Marvel Premiere” #15 – Iron Fist’s first appearance – has dropped 20 spots, but at least it’s still in the top 100 at number 66. “Iron Fist” #14 took a bigger hit. While it’s normally a better seller – especially since it’s the debut of Wolverine’s archnemesis, Sabretooth – so far in October, it has fallen 92 places and landed in spot 123.


I didn’t expect to see such a landmark comic drop so much.

“Avengers” #1 is barely holding onto the top 200 as it has fallen a startling 138 positions. While other Avengers issues are on the rise (see below for “Avengers” #57’s push up the ladder), the premiere of the super team is floundering. However, don’t take that to mean that your copy of “Avengers” #1 is worthless. Comics that break the $1,000 mark don’t tend to sell in large numbers. Honestly, how many of us out there can afford to throw caution to the wind and buy multiple copies of even low-grade issues of a “Holy Grail” such as this?


It wasn’t long ago that Rocket Raccoon’s debut in “Incredible Hulk” #271 was a hot-selling comic. It was all the way up to number 48. But for the better part of October, this particular issue has been simply plummeting. “Incredible Hulk” #271 has fallen 222 positions all the way down to number 270. If it falls out of the top 300, then you may want to start worrying. Still, Rocket is a character with a consistent fanbase, so I suspect that the current downward swing will eventually turn. If you’re an opportunist, this would be a good time to snag a copy at a decent price.


In my opinion, this is one of the best single issues of “Daredevil,” or any comic, ever written.

Frank Miller’s tale of Bullseye’s revenge against Daredevil and Elektra – and DD’s subsequent revenge on Bullseye – is intense. Told first-person from the villain’s perspective, when Bullseye uses a playing card and Elektra’s own sai to kill her, it resonates in its brutality. By the time Daredevil catches up with him, you feel the hero’s pain.

Maybe this isn’t one of the better sellers at the moment (it’s dropped 235 places to number 377), but it’s still a magnificent story that will sooner or later rise again.

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