Looney Tunes / DC – Crossover

by James Jou

emb2b-183x300 Looney Tunes / DC – CrossoverIn an oddly possible WB-verse movie crossover, the worlds of Looney Tunes and DC Comics once collided in a very entertaining series of comic book specials. Why settle for rabbit season, when Elmer Fudd can hunt the most dangerous prey, bats? Instead of constantly failing to catch the Road Runner, why not contract out to the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy? Here we showcase a few of the “looney” Looney Tunes / DC crossover issues; a collection that could be completed for around $20 total.



758028_batman-elmer-fudd-special-1-195x300 Looney Tunes / DC – CrossoverBATMAN / ELMER FUDD SPECIAL #1 (2017)

After Elmer Fudd’s girlfriend Silver St. Cloud is murdered, Elmer identifies the suspect as Bug “The Bunny.” With revenge on his mind, Elmer finds Bugs at Porky’s bar. Before Elmer shoots him, in desperation Bugs offers information in exchange for his life: the name of the man who hired him to kill Silver St. Cloud… was Bruce Wayne. This is a name Elmer is familiar with; even when Silver was with Elmer, she once revealed to still be in love with Bruce. The revelation hits Elmer hard, so he turns his sights on Bruce. Using his expertise in disguise, Elmer sneaks into a party and shoots Bruce.

Unbeknownst to Elmer, Bruce survives the attempt on his life. Batman attacks Elmer, in an intense close-quarters combat between hunter and bat. Eventually, both parties find common ground in Silver St. Cloud’s death and realize that Bugs mislead them. Together, Batman and Elmer Fudd confront Bugs, who admits that the murder of Silver St. Cloud was staged. To their surprise, Silver reveals herself to be alive. She explains that she wanted to leave the two men and the dangerous second lives they led. To make her escape, Silver turned them against each other. In the end, the heroes are left stunned, drinking their problems away with glasses of carrot juice.


“My name is Elmer Fudd. And I’m hunting pwayboys. Shhhhhhhh.” – Elmer Fudd



699739_3e036da6e134ddeff450c0ccab9ea909f9160155-198x300 Looney Tunes / DC – CrossoverMARTIAN MANHUNTER / MARVIN THE MARTIAN SPECIAL #1 (2017)

On Earth, a lonely Martian Manhunter received a distress call from another Martian. With the possibility of meeting another of his kind, the Martian Manhunter activates the Erdel Gate and transports the mysterious being to Earth. The being is revealed to be Marvin the Martian. In a surprising twist, Marvin explains that his message wasn’t a distress call, rather it was an offer to help any Martian destroy their Earth. The two Martians come into direct conflict over how they perceive humans; one wants to protect them, while the other wants to destroy them. Unfortunately for Martian Manhunter, out of fear the humans lump them together as both being dangerous and attack them. As they battle each other, eventually Marvin emerges victorious and destroys Earth. This victory is short-lived as, in a final twist, it turns out that Martian Manhunter trapped Marvin in a Mayavanna illusion.


“I longed for a fellow Martian, but not at this price.” – Martian Manhunter



699961_f86718ed76488bc22683db79fce8d482b210ebf0-195x300 Looney Tunes / DC – CrossoverLOBO / ROAD RUNNER SPECIAL #1

In this reality, Acme Corporation has graduated to genetic testing on animals. One of their experiments is mutating a coyote with alien DNA, which results in a super intelligent and humanoid Wile E. Coyote. Wile escapes from his confines, and inexplicitly fixates on catching the Road Runner. Over the course of decades, Wile keeps failing and is haunted by the Road Runner’s humiliating “Beep, Beeps.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in space, Lobo is hired by a disgruntled former Green Lantern Corps recruit to get revenge on Kilowog. Back on Earth, Wile E. Coyote meets a mutated Sam Sheepdog, who tells him about the intergalactic hitman Lobo. After Wile decides to hire Lobo to help catch Road Runner, he blasts off earth in a rocket, and by luck, crosses paths with Lobo as he passes by on his mission. With the promise of another payoff, Lobo agrees to help Wile E. Coyote catch the Road Runner, but only if Wile fulfills his original mission to get revent on Kilowog. Unfortunately, Lobo greatly underestimates the difficulty of catching the Road Runner. Eventually, both missions are called off and the story ends on a cliffhanger of Wile E. Coyote revealing a Green Lantern power ring in his possession.


“Congratulations. So what’s a talking super genius like you doing in a cage like this?” – Sam Sheepdog


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