Looking for a Winner? Go for a Longshot!

by Michael Vlachakis

138620_e1d906d9389333c7a59418e7ffb0350598af1750-191x300 Looking for a Winner?  Go for a Longshot!

The search is on for the next big speculation star!  We have been graced by the likes of Captain America and Iron Man.  They have proven themselves to be worthy heroes.  So who is next?  We need a star who is charismatic on screen and fits the hero mold.  A commoner who can rise to the challenge of being a hero.  He needs to woo the audience with physicality, drama, and poise.  The man-of-action that we are looking for may be Longshot…if he’s lucky!

Longshot was introduced in a self-titled six-issue limited series.  His was one of the many limited series that Marvel released in the 80s to help gain exposure of popular characters or launch new titles as test introductions of characters.  Longshot #1 was released in 1985 and has remained a cult favorite ever since. The character would later be added to the roster of the X-Men, but would never attain mainstream success.  He could be the outsider that is exciting enough to make an impact because you don’t know what you will get.

As a member of a genetically altered slave race, Longshot is imprisoned on Mojoworld to serve the Spineless Ones.  Being engineered, Longshot has superhuman abilities including speed, strength, durability, and healing.  His main power is the ability to change probabilities, or as some call it…luck.  The leader of the Spineless Ones, Mojo, is a powerful media boss who creates and pushes content to his race and feeds off of their enjoyment.  Longshot helps lead a rebellion to free his people from the control of the mindless ones, following his destiny.

Copies of Longshot #1 have seen a steady increase in the past few years as speculators wonder if the character will get a project either via series, film, or other.  9.8 graded copies have surpassed the $150 threshold and will soon pass the $200 mark on a regular basis.  Fair Market Value (FMV) sits at $170 and copies have sold for $200, which means we should see FMV tick up soon.  Along with direct sales copies, there is a newsstand variant and even a Canadian newsstand variant that will hit the market sporadically.  Keep your eyes out for these alternate versions for sale at the same price as the direct version to get a value edge and help your collection stand out.

We know that the Mojoworld was mentioned in Deadpool 2, and it is my belief that you do not drop hints to fans without a plan or at least a desire to gauge the reaction of fans.  Any movie related to the Mojo and Longshot concept would be amazing cinema.  Include Spiral as a secondary villain and let me know where I can throw my money.  If fans are becoming numb to the normal paced action of Marvel films, bombard them with the Mojoverse.  You could easily introduce the concept in the upcoming Dr. Strange movie and have Mojo be the after credit scene, leading right into your solo Longshot movie.  Bam!

Would you go see a Longshot movie?  Does the MCU need some Mojo?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!


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comicbookgod January 20, 2020 - 1:59 pm

Longshot 1 was the beginning of an Arthur Adams phenomenon. I’m just surprised that Monkey Man and O’Brien never got as much mileage.


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