Long-Term Trend: Comics vs. MCU Films

by Norman Robinson III

148102_ce7b7b752698d6a065aa5ee9e6128c96c3f033d8-2-194x300 Long-Term Trend: Comics vs. MCU FilmsEveryone knows that the movies, especially in the MCU directly impact the price of comics. We also know that if a new villain or superhero just appears for the first time in the MCU on film; then the corresponding origin and first appearance of that character in the comic books will usually rise in value, for a time. However, is there a standing correlation between the popularity of box office ranked movies and the long-term comic book rankings we provide here at GoCollect?

The Infinity Gauntlet #1 is the story of the gauntlet that holds the Infinity Stones. It was created by a master storyteller Jim Starlin and for a time seemed transcendent as a key book. This comic is currently ranked 11th most popular Modern Age comic book per GoCollect. The 9.8 mint condition grade sells for $150 and has decreased in value -8.4%. Meanwhile Avengers: Infinity War (2018) is ranked as the number one box office of the MCU. It has outpaced all other MCU rivals and stands at a shocking $2 Billion gross Worldwide. By way of comparison Infinity Gauntlet #1 isn’t in the same league floating around the 11th ranked comic book of the Modern Age. With little price appreciation since the movie and a weak ranking. The correlation trend is minimal to non-existent for Infinity Gauntlet #1.

120627_1e69f8c8865aa1d294c9abb9c6c6433da20387af-204x300 Long-Term Trend: Comics vs. MCU FilmsThe third highest grossing movie is Age of Ultron it came out in 2015 and though far from a fan favorite it did well earning $1.5 Billion Worldwide. Obviously, the best comic book to compare is the first appearance of Ultron in Avengers #55. This first appearance is currently at 60th most popular Silver Age comic per GoCollect. Its 9.8 mint grade runs about $2100, but it is nowhere in the rankings and has sputtered since that movie came out in 2015. You could buy an 8.0 grade for under $200. Good ole Ultron isn’t what he used to be back in the day. There is no correlation between Avengers #55 and Age of Ultron. This popular Silver Age comic book has dropped in value (sadly) after the movie premiered.






116778_b188bf7898a2e23d87ed31370984a54ed8d3c735-197x300 Long-Term Trend: Comics vs. MCU FilmsIs there a correlation between The Avengers movie and the very first comic book for this superhero team: Avengers #1? Does the Avengers #1 comic book retain the preeminence that its film does? Avengers #1 was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963. For that book to be in the top ten today is an accomplishment.

The first Avengers movie directed by Joss Whedon was produced in (2012) and generated Worldwide sales of $1.5 Billion. It is the second highest grossing movie of the MCU ever. By way of comparison, the current ranking of Avengers #1  is the 7th most popular Silver Age issue. There is obviously some correlation between movie and book popularity given the book is in the top ten as well. Marvel and therefore Disney has an exhaustive supply of stories available from the Marvel Universe. This issue is in the top ten after all these years, has fantastic price appreciation and a grade 9.8 sells for around $490K. It appears Avengers #1  has a clear connection with the movie’s popularity.

Correlation Conclusion

Some of the bigger keys trend toward a long-lasting correlation to their movies. The Infinity Gauntlet #1 and Avengers #55 have lost lift since their movies premiered and have plummeted back to Earth like Icaris. Avengers (2012) movie and the comic book Avengers #1 provides a clear correlation between being in the top ten movies and a top ten comic book. Unfortunately, with only one out of three the correlation is hit and miss. It obviously depends more on the popularity of the key book for staying power than the movie.

3.Age Of Ultron (2015)
Worldwide: $1,405,403,694 / Domestic: $459,005,868

No correlation Avengers #55

2.Avengers (2012)
Worldwide: $1,518,812,988 / Domestic: $623,357,910

Strong correlation Avengers #1

1.Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
Worldwide: $2,048,359,754 / Domestic: $678,815,482

Weak correlation Infinity Gauntlet #1

Source: CBM.com

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