Lone Ranger #15 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Lone Ranger #15 REVIEW

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Lone Ranger #15
Dynamite Comics
Matthews, Cariello & Cassaday

The Scorched Earth arc wraps with a really strong showing. The comic has good detective work, good drama, great artwork and a couple of character moments to move things along. The arc was so-so, but the wrap up really ramped things up. This is a good comic.

sep083925e Lone Ranger #15 REVIEW

The Lone Ranger and Tonto rode off to confront the killer at the end of the last issue and they do that in grand fashion in this issue. The Ranger seeks in on the killer who was about to do something to the little girl in the coma (more on that later). The Ranger confidently gives his evidence. As the Ranger shows his cards one by one the killer’s confidence doesn’t really go down, instead he gets snippy with the logic that the evidence wouldn’t stick on him.

Realizing this situation, the killer runs, but first by tossing some acid at Tonto’s face. The Ranger calmly finds some base and relieves Tonto.

The remainder of the issue deals with the town’s reaction to the killer and whether or not to believe the Ranger. The comic ends with a bitter sweet type of justice and the Ranger and his sister-in-law have a bit of a moment together.

It’s a very strong issue. The comic still toys with the relationships of Tonto and the Ranger and Linda and the Ranger, but both are very complicated to begin with. The comic makes good use of the Ranger’s assets as his education plays a role, his dealings with the law have some impact and even Silver makes his presence known. Perhaps the best aspect of the story is the twist with regard to the little girl. It’s a good way to tie the whole arc together.

The artwork is excellent as always. The panel setups really create a widescreen movie atmosphere and the settings definitely have that vintage old west feel to them. Some of the highlights in the art are the looks that the Ranger gives from behind the mask and the clever shot of the killer tossing the acid at Tonto. It’s a creative way to have the action jumping out of the page without making it 3-D.

The only drawback with the issue is the dealings with Cavendish. With no recap or dialogue to clue in readers about his dealings any new reader would be lost with regards to his scenes. With the slow burn of his involvement in this series there needs to be some way to recap what exactly he’s up to.

A solid issue for the Lone Ranger. Perhaps the arc was an issue too long but the detective work and the new law the Ranger is laying down really helps makes this issue work well. I enjoyed it.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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