Loki’s Love Interests

by James Jou

130721_87c8f062081cef17e3ccaaefd16dcae8b765cc8e-1-e1574648283672-150x150 Loki’s Love InterestsWith Loki set to go on his own solo adventures in a Disney+ series, perhaps a romantic subplot to add depth to the character might be in the works. Or at least to increase the dwindling Asgardian population. Here we look at a couple of Loki’s romantic interests and their associated key comics; excluding the popular Amora the Enchantress who will be featured in her own separate article.



130721_87c8f062081cef17e3ccaaefd16dcae8b765cc8e-196x300 Loki’s Love InterestsSIGYN

High on the Loki romance list is the complicated love triangle of Sigyn, Theoric, and Loki. When Loki seeks a wife, the woman whom he falls in love with is a fellow Asgardian named Sigyn; but there’s one complication, she’s already betrothed to Theoric, a formidable member of the elite Asgardian guard, the Crimson Hawks. Sigyn’s first appearance was in Thor #275 (1978), and Theoric’s was in Thor Annual #14 (1989). Surprisingly, high-grade raw copies of both books can be found at the moment for under the $5 level. Excluding Loki’s own keys, it’s pretty affordable for an important Loki love triangle.

Expanding on Loki’s pursuit of Sigyn is the method with which Loki takes Theoric out of the picture. In his usual fashion, Loki resorts to mischief. Instead of a head-on fight with Theoric, Loki hired Geirrodur and his Rock Trolls to kill Theoric. Then Loki disguised himself as Theoric to marry Sigyn. It is only after Odin pronounced them as husband and wife that Loki reveals his true identity.119428_547fc34b2f31bab0a47df18431bad125332b604d-197x300 Loki’s Love Interests

Although the rock trolls were used as pawns in Loki’s machinations, in this case, they are quite formidable antagonists on their own. The troll king Geirrodur made his first appearance in Journey into Mystery #101 (1964); whose sales have been flat for the last decade. A better alternative could be the prominent rock troll named Ulik, who was strong enough to go head to head against Thor in his first appearance in Thor #137 (1967). Of all the keys mentioned so far, Thor #137 carries the highest price tag. The latest CGC 9.8 sold for $2,477 in 2018; likewise, even closer to the 50% of the census mark, a CGC 9.0 sold for $150 in April. With this in mind, the above Sigyn and Theoric keys could offer a better risk/reward than the Rock Trolls.



138717_0375617ac61508ef8eae43f33fd3c71db856dc24-194x300 Loki’s Love InterestsANGERBODA

Also near the top of Loki’s love interest list is Angerboda. Unfortunately, many of the Angerboda-related story arcs have already been used in the MCU. Her first appearance was in Thor #360 (1985), in which she helped guide Thor to Hela’s underworld realm, Hel. Unless Thor and Hela make a Disney+ appearance, Angerboda’s capacity as a guide to Hel is unlikely. Although, perhaps Loki will make a solo trip to Hel? But who would he be visiting if not Hela?

The other key aspect of Angerboda is that she is the “Mother of Three Monsters.” The three monsters were Hela, the Midgard Serpent, and the Fenris Wolf; the latter two were fathered by Loki. The complication with this is that in the MCU the Fenris Wolf was Hela’s minion and now dead; and Hela herself was Loki’s sister, not Loki’s daughter. Lots of retconning would be needed to make Angerboda and her Loki associations work. Not to say it’s impossible but just complicated. Sales for CGC graded copies of Thor #360 are few and far in-between; CGC 9.8 currently holds and FMV of $55.

118714_7c9face2962f54a1e508c57bc7447e9a9654fe31-200x300 Loki’s Love InterestsWith all of the above in mind, then perhaps the last of the three Angerboda monsters will make an appearance? The Midgard Serpent, also known as Jormungand, made his first appearance in Thor #127 (1966). Again, the serpent is the son of Loki; which would need some form of modification for a live-action adaptation. Thor #127 (1966) comes in rather high at $1,450 for a 9.8, but much of that premium can be attributed to the book also containing the first appearance of Pluto and Hippolyta. In this case, Angerboda’s key comic of Thor #360 might be a better buy to complete the Angerboda loose ends.



“I am so happy and yet, Theoric seems somehow different. I sense a harder edge, at times almost cruelty in his eyes.” – Sigyn



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