Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+

by Patrick Bain

061021D-1-300x157 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+I don’t know what Asgardian Bifrost I’ve been hiding under.  But my kids had to tell me that Loki debuted on Disney Plus on June 9th.  Like Thor banished to the planet Sakaar in Ragnarok, I’m light-years from the center of the Disney Plus Marvel Universe.  While I’m binge-watching Agent Carter to see Kid Colt Outlaw, my colleagues are writing on: Which version of the EnchantressWill King Loki Appear, and even an April Fool’s discourse on Loki: No Laughing Matter.  But by Odin’s beard, I hope it’s not too late to review an upcoming Loki original art sale.

I No Likey Loki

Loki-from-Thor-179-202x300 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+Oddly, it seems to me Loki is a sympathetic character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The fact that Disney Plus has given him a series demands that viewers not totally despise the character.  However, in my early readings, I found no reason to like him.

Thor-179-200x300 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+Thor #179 through Thor #181 features a three-story arc pitting Thor against his evil step-brother.  The story cast the God of Mischief as a malicious entity with no redeeming qualities.  In the tale, Loki stole Thor’s face and powers.  Not only did he attempt to take over the world, besmirching Thor’s reputation, he also rewarded his henchman by banishing him to a world of trolls.  If not bad enough, Loki stiffed a hotel worker out of the cost of his dinner.  Fortunately, Thor’s goodness and ingenuity won the day, so he wasn’t eternally trapped in Loki’s body.

Sit a Spell for Past Loki Original Art Sale Highlights

Journey-Into-Mystery-118-Page-4-by-Jack-Kirby-e1623347452980-209x300 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+The Thor-Loki confrontation beginning in issue 179 featured art from Jack Kirby AND Neal Adams.  Clearly, Kirby is first and foremost among Thor artists.  So, let’s talk about some spectacular sales of past scheming Loki pages by the King.  As a supporting character or thorn in Thor’s side, Loki appearances are frequent.

Vengeance-of-Loki-Original-Art-by-Kirby-and-Ayers-e1623347416178-206x300 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta’s Journey Into Mystery #118 Page 4 sold for $8,700 in 2015.  The CAT R6 page captures the power of Thor and the sneaky conniving of Loki.  Though not from a key, the page would sell much higher in 2021.

Though not his first appearance, the Vengeance of Loki story rates classic in every way.  The Jack Kirby/Dick Ayers original art featuring Loki in Journey Into Mystery #88 all came up for sale on November 16, 2011.  The complete story included the title splash and 12 additional pages.  The price for the splash: $47,800 (a bargain by today’s standards).  The total sales price of original art for all thirteen pages reached $125,953.

Other Mighty Thor Artists

Simone-Bianchi-Original-Sin-e1623347303719-204x300 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+I mentioned Jack Kirby and Neal Adams.  John Buscema, Marie Severin, and Walt Simonson’s contributions can’t be ignored.  But because I recently did a Spotlight on Simone Bianchi, I want to highlight a “drool-worthy” piece by Bianchi featuring Thor and his nemesis.  The eye-popping cover by Bianchi for Original Sin 5.4 (2014) sold in 2018 for $1,920.

Bianchi also worked on the Thor: For Asgard series.  Fans of his smooth renderings recently picked up interior pages from the series for $500 to $900.  I do believe his work has plenty of room for future price growth if you are in the mood to speculate on some modern artists.

Thor vs. Loki Main Event: Original Art for Sale

Avengers-1-page-21-Original-Loki-Art-for-Sale-e1623347266566-206x300 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+These brothers were born for adversity since the earliest days of Thor’s adventures.  What fan of Thor, the new Loki Disney Plus series, or even Avengers wouldn’t want to have some original art featuring the mischievous prince.  Yes, you heard me right… the Avengers.  With all the hubbub about Thanos, it’s easy to forget the first Avengers movie antagonist was Loki.  But, did you remember Marvel’s Mightiest also faced off against Loki in Avengers #1 (1963)?

Yes, my last Blogger Dome opponent, Ryan Kirksey, missed his chance to throw Loki’s new Disney Plus series in my face.  While an alien echinoderm first plagued the JLA in B&B 28, the malevolent and still relevant Loki attacked the Avengers.  (Brave and the Bold 28 vs. Avengers 1)

Jack-Kirby-and-Dick-Ayers-Avengers-1-Page-4-e1623347371362-211x300 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+Petty Blogger Dome stuff aside, Page 21 of Avengers #1 is utterly amazing.  Loki in all his malevolence directly faces off against Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk near the soul-shattering conclusion to the Avenger’s first adventure.  This art is featured in the HA June Signature Auction.  It’s going to be a little pricey, already nearing the $100K mark in bidding.  On the other hand, this is a Silver Age iconic issue, and possibly the best of the interior pages.  I grade it CAT R10 on the Comic Art Trends scale.  That’s the highest possible grade for an interior panel page originating after 1960.

For comparison, a less interesting page from Avengers #1 sold in 2019.  That page fetched $45,600 but graded only CAT R4.

Will Loki on Disney+ Help Shatter Price Records?

Marvel-Studios-Loki-300x169 Loki Original Art at Auction: Just In Time for Disney+Loki’s Avengers page is off to a great start.  But could it shatter record prices for other Jack Kirby interior pages that are not splashes?  To do so, Loki would have to beat Dr. Doom.  The 1964 Fantastic Four Annual #2 page 11 featured only Dr. Doom.  Yet, it’s the final price with premium reached a staggering $180,000 in 2019.  In 2012, a Silver Surfer page from Fantastic Four #55 fetched $155K.  I’m leaning towards the idea that it won’t quite make it, but there’s plenty of time for more bidding to come in.  No, I won’t be bidding, but I will be watching with interest.

I discuss some other amazing first appearance original art in another article.  You need not be Balder the Brave or fair Lady Sif to read it!

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Patrick Bain December 2, 2021 - 11:44 pm

The Loki series on Disney+ is a fading memory, but just to close this article out… Drum roll please. Avengers 1 Page 21 sold for $180,000 counting the buyer’s premium. So, the final price tied the Dr. Doom page.


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