Loki Finale: Warning, Spoilers!

by Matt Tuck

071421A-300x157 Loki Finale: Warning, Spoilers!Loki’s finale delivered the goods, paving the way for the future of the MCU along with turning these comics into two of the hottest on the market. SPOILER ALERT FOR LOKI EPISODE SIX.

After weeks of setup, Loki came to its conclusion, and it left fans with plenty to discuss. It is safe to say that the final moments have established the next major threat for all of the MCU. Just as fans had hoped from the show’s first episode, Loki placed Kang at the center of the universe.

From the comics, Kang has an infinite number of variants throughout time and space. The former Nathaniel Richards has been known as the Scarlet Centurion, Rama-Tut, and, of course, Kang the Conqueror. Then there is Immortus the Time Master and even a version of himself that joined the Young Avengers, Iron Lad. 

All the excitement over Kang’s live-action debut will certainly spur the market for his first appearance. Here’s more.

Avengers-8-194x300 Loki Finale: Warning, Spoilers!AVENGERS #8

Following the events of Loki Episode Six, it is clear that we will see a number of Kang variants in the MCU. By the way, Loki’s mid-credits scene confirmed a second season is in the works, and we could very well see more Kangs when that happens.

All these Kangs coming to the MCU confirms that he will be the major force going forward, and his variants will likely appear in many future shows and movies. For fans of Kang the Conqueror, the final moments of the episode featured a statue of Kang wearing his classic suit. No question, the time-traveling conqueror’s arrival is imminent, and that means prices for Avengers #8 are about to kick in the afterburners.

The hype is already setting in. Only yesterday, a 9.2 hit a record high when it sold for $8,550. Before that sale, the high had been $4,499 from February. Two days ago, an 8.5 tied its record with a $4k sale. The lowest grade sold this month has been the 2.0, and even that one is now bringing over $600. Now that Kang has been seen in the flesh, those records will fall in short order.

Thor-245-200x300 Loki Finale: Warning, Spoilers!THOR #245

As Loki and Sylvie made their way into the mysterious castle at the end of time, they discovered it was, in fact, The Citadel. In a moment straight from the Wizard of Oz, the variant couple pulled back the curtain to reveal the wizard. This particular wizard went by the name “He Who Remains,” and he happens to be a Kang variant. 

In the comics, Him Who Remains, as he was originally known, also created the Time-Keepers. Only they weren’t robots, and Him is not a Kang variant. Making HWR a Kang is for the best, since no one cared about Him Who Remains before the Loki finale. That will all change today.

Him Who Remains first appeared in Thor #245, and that will be the issue collectors target. 

Few copies have traded hands this year, and those brought relatively low prices. Since the version of the character in Loki died at the end of the episode, it puts a limit on Him’s debut, but it should still see a short-term boost. Of the three grades that have sold in 2021, the most expensive of those was a 9.6 that brought $112 in April. Then there was a 9.4 that sold for $42 in January. Below that, a 9.2 earned $68 in March. 


Kang’s arrival signals a paradigm shift in the MCU. Fans had been waiting since Endgame for the next “big bad,” and the Loki finale gave it to them. From here, my advice is to collect the debuts of the Kang variants, any of which could appear in the near future.

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052721D-1footer Loki Finale: Warning, Spoilers!

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