Loeb’s Labor for Marvel: Helstrom

by Norman Robinson III

ghost-rider-1-201x300 Loeb's Labor for Marvel: HelstromJeph Loeb the VP of Marvel Television had created a huge volume of substantial work while running the division for Marvel (2010-2019). He has given us hits like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and The Punisher to name the top series. Let’s not forget Agents of Shield which had moments of brilliance and a few interesting plot lines. Yep, Loeb’s labors have been fruitful and in the case of Daredevil, the spot-on creation of a comic book hero fans everywhere venerate. His final labor is the toughest, bringing Daimon Helstrom to life on screen. Yes, sir, that will be the last of the Marvel produced shows by Jeph Loeb.

Loeb’s Helstrom has a decidedly different tone than the comics. But the trailer is off the hook, and I think they may have another hit. Fans will be able to watch Helstrom on Hulu this October 2020. Check out the latest trailer on YouTube when you can. This is the last train out of the creative Loeb Marvel station with Helstrom. It appears to be a fun E-ticket ride. They are going for a serial killer supernatural kind of vibe and “so far, so good.”  Is there a way to profit off this last nugget of creative insight? Further is it too late to buy Hellstrom keys? Let’s find out together by using our speculative pitchforks to divine Daimon Hellstrom’s origin and first appearance comic trend returns.


Ghost Rider #2

This comic is the first full appearance of the Son of Satan (Daimon Hellstrom) and the fourth appearance of the little known character Witch Woman. This comic book was created by Gary Friedrich with the able pencils of Gil Kane and Jim Mooney. Also, it should be noted that Joe Sinnot and Syd Shores did the inks. Ghost Rider #2 came out in 1973 at the beginning of the resurgence of horror comics. Though this comic is more horror than superhero it does have a strong anti-hero bent. This Bronze Age beauty has the first Daimon Hellstrom appearance and hence our undivided attention.

marvel-spotlight-12-204x300 Loeb's Labor for Marvel: HelstromMarvel Spotlight #12

Another well-known book that is probably in most Bronze Age collections is Marvel Spotlight #12. This happens to be the second appearance of Son of Satan and more importantly his origin story. This comic book was written by Gary Friedrich with Herb Trimpe art leading the way and Marie Severin’s bright red cover colors dominating with a kind of disco vibe. How does the origin story match up to his first full appearance?




YTD Trends

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Ghost Rider #2 9.8 $1,199 28 -20%
8.0 $175 57 +87%
6.5 $99 35 +4.2%
Marvel Spotlight #12 9.8 $666 13 +17%
8.0 $95 39 +84.7%
7.0 $95 13 +61.4%


DAIMON-HELLSTROM-pic-300x204 Loeb's Labor for Marvel: HelstromConclusion

These numbers are YTD calculations based on 270 days of modeling for 2020. These keys are still cheap, as evidenced by Marvel Spotlight #12 grades (8.0) and (7.0). Both of these grades have the same last sale amount. This lack of stratification tells me, both books have not found their resting price point quite yet. Therefore, MS #12 is cheap by comparison and anytime you can buy Bronze Age keys in grade 8.0 for under $100 you should do so. In comparison, Ghost Rider #2 shows stratification and even declines in the top grade (9.8). Now the very fine (8.0) comes in under $200 which is still a steal for this 50-year-old book.

In the final analysis, it is clear that the spotlight shines on the origin story primarily in this matchup. I like both but if I had to choose I would buy Marvel Spotlight #12  in the highest grade possible and ride it until the October release. Salutations to Loeb who has had a brilliant career in comics and created some memorable shows for Marvel. Best of all many of the shows were very true to the comics. For this alone, all fans should be grateful. Don’t miss out on Loeb’s final labor of love Helstrom in October, and spear the origin story with your speculative pitchfork if you can.


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