Lobo/The Omega Men #3 – Declining, But Close to Support Levels

by James Jou

135610_6180971c316e63e53bfb37fb8bf2b65fc10da44f-194x300 Lobo/The Omega Men #3 – Declining, But Close to Support LevelsSo what’s going on with the last Czarnian, Stan Lee’s favorite DC character, the Main Man who almost got his own spinoff TV series, and the Rock’s previous DC casting? Attention on Lobo has fallen through the cracks; and with that, so has the market for his key first appearance book. But if we dig a little deeper, the Main Man appears poised for a turnaround.


In recent years, the biggest event to affect the price of The Omega Men #3 (1983) was reports in early 2018 that the Lobo live-action film was circling around a director. Sales prices for the book immediately skyrocketed, doubling in value in just a few months. Since then, unfortunately, no further Lobo movie news has been reported, leading to a gradual decline in sales prices for the last two years. From the graph below, you can see sales for the book graded CGC 9.8.

The downward trend is quite picturesque; you could almost print that out and slap it in a comic speculation economics book. There was a minor spike from Lobo’s appearance in Season 2 of Krypton, but that was not enough to overpower the overall negative sentiment in the market. Cancellation of the series just a few weeks later didn’t help much.

l_2b-300x180 Lobo/The Omega Men #3 – Declining, But Close to Support Levels

Woe is the market for Omega Men #3… or is it?

Let’s do a Tony Stark expanded view of the book’s market to include its sales history all the way back to 2012; shown below. Despite the current falling sales prices; interestingly, this isn’t the first time. A cycle of spikes and fades have been occurring over and over; 2014, 2016, and the latest 2018. Each time the highs are higher, and along with that, the lows seem to find support at higher levels.

l_1a-300x180 Lobo/The Omega Men #3 – Declining, But Close to Support Levels

The big question now for Omega Men #3 is: where will the book find support for the current decline? The bottom line, nobody knows. But with its sales history, we can make a best guess. Outside of any movie news, which the pressure of a solo Lobo outing should be mounting; with all the anti-hero characters in fashion at the moment. Yes, the knife is falling and it’s always a bad idea to try and catch it, but let’s take a look anyway.

Within the declining sales prices for the last two years, appears to be a decrease in volatility that could point to some resistance. Incidentally, this appears to be occurring at similar levels from the previous 2016 spike/decline; see below. At the low end of the market of Omega Men #3 (CGC 9.8), sales prices managed to hold in the $135-$150 range. For two years. The chart on the right focuses on these two years of sideways sales. Furthermore, if we go another spike/decline back, to the 2014 one, the book managed to hold at roughly the $100 level.

l_3c-300x180 Lobo/The Omega Men #3 – Declining, But Close to Support Levelsl_4d-300x180 Lobo/The Omega Men #3 – Declining, But Close to Support Levels

What does this all mean?

Without drawing too many lines, the market for Omega Men #3 at CGC 9.8 appears to be nearing a price level that should provide some support. Again, the knife is falling on the book, but should the book go under the $150, it could be a good idea to start window shopping. Additionally, the closer it gets to the low $100s, the risk/reward proposition increases drastically. This is all excluding any movie influence; which if that lotto is hit, the next spike could reach as high as Czarnia.



“I ain’t no Superbo! I ain’t no fraggin’ hero! I’m th’ Main Man! I booze! I womanize! I swear! An’ I beat th’ livin’ crap outta anybody I fraggin’ feel like!” – Lobo




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N Ly December 12, 2019 - 6:47 pm

Lobo is a cool character. I was very close to buying this book in July. I am glad I didn’t.


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