Live From SDCC ’09: Jaime Hernandez

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My life changed in the late ’90s, when I started to pull away from Marvel’s X-books and picked up the last 10 issues of the original Love & Rockets series for $10. Suddenly I was immersed in the two very different worlds of brothers Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, and I spent the next couple of years tracking down every issue I could get my hands on (the only part of my collection that has been lost–someday I’ll find them all again!!!!).

Jaime’s half of the series, also known as Locas, follows the lives of a group of Latina teenagers growing up in ’80s punk California, primarily focusing on best friends and on-and-off lovers Maggie and Hopey. It’s an emotionally rich series that is laugh-out-loud hilarious and then turns around and rips your heart out, and Jaime’s clean, gorgeous artwork is unlike anything else out there today. Okay, on with the interview:

[video:youtube:x2604jqpjKg W:425 H:344]

By the way, I want to apologize to Jaime for mispronouncing his name–it’s actually “Hy-meh,” something I knew in the back of my mind that immediately left the building when I was in his presence!

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