Live-Action Irredeemable? The Keys You Need

by Matt Tuck

031122D-1024x536 Live-Action Irredeemable? The Keys You NeedIrredeemable has been thrust into the collecting spotlight after the news spread of a live-action adaptation currently in development. On that note, here’s your speculative Irredeemable keys shopping list.

Last week on the Spec Tales podcast, writer Mark Waid announced that his creator-owned title, Irredeemable, has been optioned for a live-action series. Not much else is known about the project, but it has sent ripples through the secondary market.


Think of Plutonian as the Injustice Superman or Invincible’s Omni Man; he is the beacon of justice who strayed from the light. After being the planet’s champion, Plutonian turns his godlike powers against the Earth and is now bent on slaughtering humanity. That leaves his former team, the Paradigm – this world’s version of the Justice League or the Avengers – to wage war against him. They have problems of their own, which makes for handy subplots to Plutonian’s assault on mankind.


Where should you start your search for those Irredeemable keys? I’m so glad you asked. Here are three to get you started.

Irredeemable-1-standard-195x300 Live-Action Irredeemable? The Keys You NeedIRREDEEMABLE #1

Without question, this will be the key to own as we wait for the Irredeemable live-action series. There are several first appearances in this issue, but the main reason to own this comic is for the Plutonian. He is the star of the comic, and fans are bound to fall in love with the hero-turned-villain. Outside of Plutonian’s grand entrance, you have the first appearances of Qibit, Scylla, Charybdis, Volt, Gilgamos, and Kaidan. Two other characters also make their debuts, Hornet and Samsara, but they die in the course of issue #1. 

As you are combing the market for that premiere issue, don’t overlook two other editions with smaller print runs. First is the variant holo foil cover, which could become a speculative darling due to there only being 500 copies in circulation. There’s also the second print with alternative black and white cover art. In today’s age of collecting, those subsequent printings can become highly profitable, so keep yours on that one.

Irredeemable-2-standard-195x300 Live-Action Irredeemable? The Keys You Need


In terms of fair market value, there’s no comparison between Irredeemable #1 and the other issues in the series. However, you will want to be on the lookout for the second issue.

There are two key moments in this comic that could be instrumental to the show’s plot. The main selling point is the reveal of Plutonian’s secret identity, Dan Hartigan.

Besides that, you also get the first mention of the Paradigm.

Incorruptible-1-194x300 Live-Action Irredeemable? The Keys You NeedINCORRUPTIBLE #1

It could be worth your time to keep an eye on Incorruptible #1. This series is a direct spinoff from the events of Irredeemable.

As the Plutonian wages war on humanity in the main title, Incorruptible follows the exploits of Max Damage, Plutonian’s arch-nemesis. With the hero’s turn toward evil, it sets the stage for Max to become a fan favorite as he evolves from villain to savior.

If Irredeemable is a hit, then Incorruptible could be on the slate for the live-action treatment as well, and that would add instant value to this issue.


This isn’t the first time Irredeemable has been optioned for a movie or series. Prior to the Disney buyout, Fox had purchased the film and television rights. Once the Disney-Fox merger was in place, the corporate giant nixed the project.

Reportedly, a major announcement on the live-action Irredeemable is coming, so it would seem this property isn’t going to languish in the development dungeon for too long.

Are you excited about a live-action Irredeemable?

030222E Live-Action Irredeemable? The Keys You Need*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect

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