(Literal) Books to Watch in Heritage’s 8/14 Comic Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

081122E-1024x536 (Literal) Books to Watch in Heritage's 8/14 Comic AuctionOn August 14 and 15th Heritage will be holding another weekly comic auction. We’ve talked about them plenty here. From odd items to holy grails, these weekly auctions truly have a little bit of everything. I’ve found a lot of neat things in them, and this week I’ve found some books — yes, books, not comic books — that would make any collector squeal with delight! If you did come here looking for comic books, sorry, you’ve been bamboozled.

Edgar Rice Burroughs’s The Warlords of Mars

Screenshot-2022-08-11-014936-198x300 (Literal) Books to Watch in Heritage's 8/14 Comic Auction

John Carter of Mars is one of the best science fiction stories ever put to paper. Originally a pulp serial, the stories would be gathered into collected books — the predecessor to the graphic novel one could argue — and sold to the public.

This is a first edition of The Warlords of Mars, released in 1919, and is the third novel of the series.

Heritage notes that the novel is in Fine condition with a restored dust jacket. In 2019, a Near Fine copy with an immaculate dust jacket sold on Heritage for $4,000. In April of 2022, a Fine Copy with a Good/Very Good dust jacket sold for $1,020.

This auction also features the sixth book; The Masterminds of Mars.

Screenshot-2022-08-11-015030-206x300 (Literal) Books to Watch in Heritage's 8/14 Comic Auction

This is also a first edition copy, released in 1928.  Heritage notes this book as being in Very Good/Fine condition, with a Good dust jacket. There is no prior sales data on Heritage for this book, but I would expect to pay over $500 for this copy.

Screenshot-2022-08-11-015148-208x300 (Literal) Books to Watch in Heritage's 8/14 Comic Auction

To round out their John Carter offerings, you can also bid on A Fighting Man of Mars. This first edition book was released in 1931 and does have a facsimile dust jacket. This book is inscribed and signed by Edgar Rice Burroughs himself. This is a rare chance to own a signed first edition of any of his books.

Heritage notes this book as being in Fine condition. In February of 2022 Heritage sold a VG copy for $192, but I would not expect to get that same deal on this book.

Thea Von Harbou’s Metropolis 

Screenshot-2022-08-11-015239-193x300 (Literal) Books to Watch in Heritage's 8/14 Comic Auction

If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million more times. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is a visual masterpiece and one of the best films of all time. The novelization from Lang’s at-time wife, Thea Von Harbou, doesn’t have the same magic. Yet, early editions are still collectible! This copy is a very rare collector’s piece.

This copy is a first English-language print in Good/Very Good condition, with a Very Good/Fine dust jacket. Featuring the False Maria/The Machine Man on the cover, this book would look amazing in any collection. In November of 2021 Heritage sold a similar copy for $1,800.

Hopeful bidders should also take note of the other two Metropolis books in this auction. This rare first edition, first impression copy features a cover with art by Willy Reimann. Only 1,000 of these were published, and this copy is in G/VG condition. Heritage sold a similar copy in August of 2019 for $3,125. To round out the Metropolis findings, collectors should also note this first edition, third impression copy, featuring Maria on the cover. This copy also includes four stills from the film.

J. R. R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings Three-Volume Set

Screenshot-2022-08-11-015341 (Literal) Books to Watch in Heritage's 8/14 Comic Auction

If you’re excited about the new Amazon series set in Middle-earth, then this book set should be on your radar. This three-volume set is a first edition group from 1954-1955 and includes The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

Heritage notes these books as being in VG/F condition, while the dust jackets are in G/VG shape. Comps on this set are hard to come by, but expect to pay a few hundred for this set.

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