Limited Signed Hardcover EXTRAORDINARY WORKS Now Available

by Jeff

The softcover edition of The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore: Indispensable Edition (the newly updated biography of the writer of WATCHMEN and V FOR VENDETTA) is set to ship next week. Now, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve created an extremely limited, 100 copy HARDCOVER edition, which includes a wrapped hardcover, and a color photoplate SIGNED BY ALAN MOORE himself! With the big-budget WATCHMEN movie set to be released in 2009, this is sure to be an instant collector’s item!

The signed hardcover edition is ONLY being offered directly from the TwoMorrows website, and is available now for preordering at this link:

(If clicking on the above link doesn’t work, please just copy and paste the URL into your web browser.)

This 100 copy Limited Signed Hardcover Edition is only $49.95 plus shipping, so place your order immediately before they’re all gone! NOTE: Due to the extra time involved in binding the hardcover editions, and the time involved in getting Alan’s signed plates back from England, the hardcover edition will tentatively be shipping January 30. Although that’s a couple of weeks after the softcover edition is released, I’m confident you’ll feel it was worth the extra wait, so thanks for your patience!

Best regards,
John Morrow
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