LIFE WITH ARCHIE hits magazine shelves Tuesday August 10th

by Jeff

may100761 LIFE WITH ARCHIE hits magazine shelves Tuesday August 10thMedia Release — Archie Comics’ hot new magazine sensation LIFE WITH ARCHIE hits magazine shelves Tuesday, August 10th. The brand new magazine features both of Archie’s married lives to Betty and Veronica and has the largest distribution yet of any Archie Comics publication, making LIFE WITH ARCHIE available at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Toys R Us and more!

LIFE WITH ARCHIE magazine, already available online for subscription orders at and in comic shops, is gathering rave reviews everywhere!

To veteran Archie fans…”As someone who has read hundreds if not thousands of Archie Comics over the years, it’s definitely cool… I’m definitely on board for whatever’s next.” (Newsarama)

From one of the millions who were kept guessing during the Archie wedding story phenomenon and wondered just what Archie Comics would do next, “Now I know… 4.5/5 Fun read, highly recommended.” (1st Comics News)

To fans of all ages, “A great product, well worth picking up, whether you’re a teen, twenty-something, thirty-something, or older. Highly recommended!” (Comixtreme)

Nothing says “Archie hit” like, “Dead-on… 4.5 malts out of 5.” (Pages on Panels)

Or a pure and simple, “Thank you, Archie Comics!” (Things from Another World)

One thing is for sure, “This is the new golden age of America’s favorite teenagers. Don’t be left behind!” (Pop Culture Addict)

Don’t miss the brand new magazine everyone can’t stop talking about!

Get your copy of LIFE WITH ARCHIE online at and in comic shops now, and at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Toys R Us and everywhere else magazines are sold beginning Tuesday, August 10th!

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