Lets Talk Comics, Vol. 1: News & Trends

by Jack Kornblatt

091323E-1024x536 Lets Talk Comics, Vol. 1: News & TrendsThis article covers recent news and trends in comics, investment opportunities, and other comic-adjacent stories we can all enjoy a laugh at.  Enjoy!

5. “Thor 5 Is Coming” BS

thor-5-fan-poster Lets Talk Comics, Vol. 1: News & Trends

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney: We want to make less Marvel content, especially sequels.

Taika Waititi: There is no plan for Thor 5 right now at all, but like I guess if we were to try and do it, the villain would probably need to be stronger than Hela.  Seriously though, what would this movie even be about? I really have no idea.

How people are reporting this: THOR 5 CONFIRMED FOR DEVELOPMENT; it’s DEFINITELY HAPPENING! Oh, and Knull will be the bad guy! He first appeared in a Thor comic!

P.S. Marvel Studios does not even have the film rights to Knull and his first appearance was not in a Thor comic.  It was in Venom #3 (which remains a solid investment).


4. El Muerto Film Essentially Dead After Bad Bunny Drops Out

Bad-Bunny-El-Muerto-1280x640 Lets Talk Comics, Vol. 1: News & Trends

I for one am totally shocked.  I mean, after all, Sony has such a strong track record with Spider-Man villain projects and El Muerto is such a deeply nuanced character.

Sure, he has really only appeared in two comics and is thus a terrible character to build a movie around, but how were people supposed to know that WeGotThisCovered was going to be wrong (besides from…you know…the fact that they are wrong all the time).

If you still have copies of his first appearance, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6I would try to sell them quick.

Source: CBR


3. Hellboy Is Being Rebooted…Again

Jack-Kesy-Hellboy Lets Talk Comics, Vol. 1: News & Trends

In the immortal words of Jacobim Mugatu, “I feel like I am taking crazy pills!!“.  Why are we making ANOTHER Hellboy movie?  The first two films barely made back their total production costs and the most recent film (itself a reboot) was a bomb.

Regardless of whether or not you are a Hellboy fan, this property is clearly not viable as a big-budget production.  Hollywood really needs to get over this obsession with intellectual property.  It is not a silver bullet and never has been.

Source: Collider


2. Investment Advice: It’s Jeff! Goes To A THIRD PRINTING!!!

RCO018_1680138803 Lets Talk Comics, Vol. 1: News & Trends

TLDR: Invest In Jeff The Land Shark!!

Quick background: Jeff The Land Shark, who first appeared in West Coast Avengers #7, has, for the last few years, been starring in his own comic series exclusive to Marvel Unlimited (MU), Marvel’s subscription digital comic service.  The comic, titled It’s Jeff!, has been so successful on MU that Marvel decided to release it as a print comic.  And that print comic was so successful that its now going back for a third printing!

Y’all, very few comics ever get a third printing.  The fact that a digital-first comic was able to do it is not only a revelation in and of itself but speaks to the enduring popularity and viability of Jeff as well.  Prices for his first appearance have been consistently trending upward since his debut, further bolstering the adorable character’s investment case.

Source: Forbidden Planet

Additional Reading: Complete Jeff The Land Shark Investment Guide and The Complete Jeff The Land Shark Checklist


1. Recommended Reading: X-Men: Red

comic-reviews-x-men-red-1 Lets Talk Comics, Vol. 1: News & Trends

Al Ewing has quietly become one of Marvel’s most prolific and consistent writers.  While Immortal Hulk is his most well-known project, he is and has been a part of several other phenomenal series.  One such series is X-Men: Red.

Spinning out of S.W.O.R.D. (because Marvel loves a pointless relaunch), this series has been a constant delight of the Krakoan era of X-Men stories.  Effortlessly mixing interstellar conflict, tribal politics, continuity deep cuts, and fantastic dialogue, X-Men: Red is always worth a pickup and should be on every comic fan’s pull list.

P.S. It’s also a continuation of some of the story elements Al established in his wonderful, but tragically short Guardians of the Galaxy run (Marvel, please relaunch it!)


That’s all for this week, y’all!  I hope you enjoyed the article – and please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions for future blogs!

Signup_Footer Lets Talk Comics, Vol. 1: News & Trends*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Joseph Overaitis September 14, 2023 - 4:51 pm


Don’t you know that if a site reports a rumor and then it appears on the internet at a few different sites it must but true? and Hellboy is a great property to run again and again and again even if fans say no. It is not like it had a few quality actors in the lead role or people attached to it and it still did not work. I mean come on man…Third time must be a charm right LOL


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