“Let There Be Carnage” and the Mind-blowing Mid-Credits Scene

by Matt Tuck

100421A-300x157 "Let There Be Carnage" and the Mind-blowing Mid-Credits SceneLet There Be Carnage has been unleashed on the masses. While fans of the original are stoked for the sequel, it’s the mid-credits scene that is stealing all the headlines and will soon jack up prices for your ASM #300s. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.


The latest entry into the Venom-verse is upon us, and fans finally get a glimpse of Carnage in all his glory. Both the critical and audience reception for LTBC is close to that of its 2018 predecessor, according to the Rotten Tomatoes scores. Safe to say, the same fans who enjoyed the “so bad, it’s good” Venom will sing the praises of LTBC


Despite the grand CGI spectacle and hit-or-miss Odd Couple routine of Let There Be Carnage, the sequel’s mid-credits scene is erupting in cheers. 

After the action is over and Carnage and Shriek have been defeated, Eddie Brock takes Venom on a beach vacation. While in their cabana, Venom connects to the hive mind to give Eddie a glimpse into the alien world of the symbiotes. Then something goes wrong, and Eddie and Venom are transported to another dimension. Carnage-in-Venom-Let-There-Be-Carnage-Review-1-1-300x169 "Let There Be Carnage" and the Mind-blowing Mid-Credits Scene

That’s when we see J. Jonah Jameson on the television ranting about Spider-Man. An image of Tom Holland flashes on the screen, and just like that, the Venom-verse is officially inside the MCU. 


This has been the worst-kept secret in all of Marvel. Considering the comments from the cast and crew of the Venom movies dating back two years, it was no secret that the Venom-verse would eventually merge with the MCU Spider-verse; we just didn’t expect it to happen until after Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is huge news for fans of both series, and there will be a massive payoff in the near future. In fact, the mid-credits scene will have a bigger and more lasting impact on those Venom keys than the rest of LTBC

On that note, here is the latest market data on the symbiotic heavy hitter, Venom’s first full appearance.

asm-300-196x300 "Let There Be Carnage" and the Mind-blowing Mid-Credits SceneAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #300

For over 30 years, ASM #300 has been one of the most popular key issues on the secondary market. Once Venom entered the world of live-action movies, it has become a true behemoth of the marketplace. Thanks to the MCU connection, this issue is going to soar even higher. 

At the moment, the purchased prices are staying in the same friendly neighborhood as they’ve been all month. Just yesterday, a CGC-graded 9.0 sold for $900, an 8.5 brought $750, and a 7.0 scored $600. As word spreads of Venom’s arrival in the MCU, this issue is going to get even hotter. I would not be surprised to see it approaching records soon.


Critics may be lukewarm for Let There Be Carnage, but that will not dilute fans’ enthusiasm for that long-awaited Venom/MCU reveal. We can expect to see the ASM #300 prices climb high in the next couple of weeks, but the circus will truly start when we finally see Venom share the screen with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. That should give No Way Home another reason to break all sorts of MCU box office records.

000080221A_Games_2-Footer "Let There Be Carnage" and the Mind-blowing Mid-Credits Scene

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