LEGO Batman: ‘It’s Our Best Yet’

by Jeff

The developers of the LEGO Batman video game explain why they are so excited about it.

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With the success of the past two LEGO titles, LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indy,what made you decide to take on Batman?

It felt like a natural fit. LEGO had already been creating some fantastic Batman models which meant they had already designed some fantastic mini-figures from the Batman universe (the best they’ve ever done in my opinion). We’re always looking for what could make a great LEGO adventure and the comic universe of Batman with these cool heroes and colorful villains presented a great opportunity. We’re very pleased with how the LEGO Batman game looks and feels and it’s our best yet!

It’s been quite liberating for the artists to not be tied to a movie as they were really able to have some fun creating what they felt was a LEGO Gotham. Hopefully, you’ll agree that as a result this is the best looking game we’ve made. There is a real mixture and vibrancy to the areas of Gotham that we have created from the grimy streets to the twisted fairground.

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  c2b-foot LEGO Batman: 'It's Our Best Yet'

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