Legion of Super-Heroes Anthology by Sequart Now Available

by Jeff

Sequart Research & Literacy Organization’s Teenagers from the Future: Essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes is now available for order through comic shops. (The order code is NOV084474.)

The book, edited by Timothy Callahan (Grant Morrison: The Early Years), is currently listed in November’s Previews catalog. Sequart is also pleased to announce that Teenagers from the Future was chosen as the top Featured Item in the books section of the catalog. You can see the online Previews listing here.

Teenagers, sporting a foreword by Matt Fraction and an afterword by Barry Lyga, has a wide array of essays, including:

“The Death and Resurrection of Lightning Lad,” by Richard Bensam
“The (Often Arbitrary) Rules of the Legion,” by Chris Sims
“The Legion’s Super-Science,” by James Kakalios
“Architecture and Utopia,” by Sara K. Ellis
“Thomas, Altman, Levitz, and the 30th Century,” by Timothy Callahan
“Revisionism, Experimentation, and Dystopia in Giffen’s Legion,” by Julian Darius
“Gender Identity and Homosexuality in the Legion,” by Alan Williams
“The Racial Politics of the Legion of Super-Heroes,” by Jae Bryson
…and ten more, covering the whole of Legion history.

This collection (softcover, 6″x9″, 344 pgs, B&W, $26.95 cover price), written by fans and scholars alike, is as diverse as Legion history. No Legion fan or comics scholar should go without this critical celebration of the Legion.

But please don’t count on your store to order copies — most stores won’t. The best thing you can do is to order copies in advance by telling your local retailer that you want them to get a copy for you. Because we’re buried in the catalog, it might help to give your local retailer the book’s order code, which is NOV084474.

Legal Disclaimer: the Legion of Super-Heroes and related characters are trademarks of DC Comics. This book is not endorsed by DC Comics.

NOV084474F Legion of Super-Heroes Anthology by Sequart Now Available

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