LCS Spotlight: Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & More

by Mike W

080621C-300x157 LCS Spotlight: Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & MoreHere at GoCollect, we’re all about making collecting better. Local Comic Shops play a large part in achieving this goal. For many of us, our collecting journey began with and continues through our LCS. What makes your shop special to you? What sets it apart? This is the first entry in a series spotlighting LCSs that have made an impact on us as we all head down that collecting road.

What makes our Local Comic Shops Special?

Comic book shops provide an outlet for people who enjoy and make a hobby of collecting books. Shops can be a place to chat and meet new people, as well. For collectors, it can be an adventure to find and look for back issues. Many individuals have a list of books to collect and their shops help them check those books off those lists. Otherwise, just having a good time and talking about comics is a fun experience when visiting your local hangout.

I explore my local comic shop, Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & More, on at least a monthly basis.

They say it best themselves –175866332_1102954040115109_8476630582992056885_n-300x147 LCS Spotlight: Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & More

We believe comics should be shared and loved by everyone, no matter their unique tastes. At Infinite Realities – Comics, Games, & More it’s our mission to create to an all-inclusive environment for all people to share their love for comics and games. Don’t know where to start? No worries, because our staff loves helping comic lovers find exactly what they need!

Finding a Gem in the Rough

Ibb-195x300 LCS Spotlight: Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & Moren the past year, I made a life change –  a big one. I moved to a different state. With that, a whole new chapter of my life began. One pleasant surprise and ongoing adventure is the experience I’ve had with my LCS, Infinite Realities; Comics, Games & More. I was lucky to find this gem of a shop just over a year ago.

Like many, I visit this shop for the usual subscriptions and unbelievable $1 and “25 cent” book bin dives. I have found some very good bargains and key issues in these bins. Some awesome key finds I found include Locke & Key #1 (first print) for $5 (9.8 FMV $220), or Batman Beyond #25 (9.8 FMV $425) for 25 cents! There’s nothing like reaching into a cheap bin and scoring some amazing finds. I’m proud of everything I’ve gathered.

Of course, I’m taking a risk by writing this. Hopefully, after people read this blog, everyone doesn’t go to this shop to raid their cheap bins. Save some books for me!

Shop Talk with Fellow Collectors? Priceless

One experience that I enjoy every time I visit is conversing with their knowledgeable employees and store owners. Chris Brennaman and Brandon Mealor, co-owners, are wonderful to chat with; they always greet me when I come in and ask me how I am doing, which is a great way to perk up a bad day. Simple pleasantries always make a person feel nice and warm, and in today’s day and age they are fewer and farther between.

They’re always down to talk about current comic tv shows or movies, and we’re lucky to get to discuss collecting while enjoying each other’s company. They are also active on social media, and never hesitate to answer questions on Facebook about inventory. Their accessibility is a real testament to their passion for collecting.179332844_1103344460076067_8212836142947083139_n-300x225 LCS Spotlight: Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & More

They’ve got the Look

The way the shop presents itself is very nice. The lighting and modern touch provide just the right atmosphere to entice me to see what there is to buy. The store has its items organized in a way that makes everything easy to see and find. In the opposite end of the store, there is a designated area to relax on a couch or converse with individuals on tables.

One of the best details I can comment on is their emphasis on safety. With the current pandemic, they’ve implemented two important policies for everyone. Firstly, regardless of what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mandate, they want everyone to have masks on inside the store. Lastly, they keep store hours shorter to reduce exposure of transmission. I know that rule sounds lame, but the intent does make sense. Lastly, they are not just a comic shop at all. They host comic book reading clubs and how-to seminars, Friday Night Magic, and a kid’s Pokémon Trading Card Game League. They also sell assorted merchandise such as action figures, cards, and board games.

Building a community is their number one priority, and it’s obvious to those of us who patronize them.

ima LCS Spotlight: Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & More

More Than Just a Place to Buy Comics

All in all, Infinite Realities: Comics, Games & More is not just a comic shop, but much, much, more. It can be a place to unwind after a tough day at work or serve as a place to gather and chat about comics. The friendly atmosphere combined with the warmest, most inviting staff makes this shop a delight to visit.

This shop is located at 5007 Lavista Rd in Tucker, Georgia at 30084. Check out their website HERE.

Tell us about your favorite Local Comic Shops! We want to hear about all your favorite places to find your favorite books!

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Jay Pele August 11, 2021 - 6:00 am

Though I live in Knoxville, TN. I love this store and every time I travel to Atlanta I stop by to check out their recent back issue acquisitions and chat with the crew there. If you live in the South-East, this is a destination shop to check out, but be prepared to stay for several hours. Give yourself enough time to shop their impressive inventory and talk with the great people there, it’s certainly worth the trip.


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