Kramers Ergot 7: It’s Finally Here!

by Jeff

Kramers Ergot 7 is the most ambitious comics anthology of the past decade. While previous issues of Kramers explored an innovative blend of art and comics, this collection focuses on expanding the boundaries of the narrative comics page. KE7’s massive 16 x 21 inch page size has allowed the artists to tell stories at a scope not seen since the expansive Sunday newspaper comics of the early twentieth century. Including over 50 of the world’s most esteemed cartoonists, it draws on the talents of established cartoonists, newcomers, elegant stylists, and unpredictable innovators such as Daniel Clowes, Gabrielle Bell, Matt Groening, C.F., Chris Ware, Jaime Hernandez, C. Tyler, Blanquet, Ted May, Adrian Tomine, Johnny Ryan, Kim Deitch, and many others.

Kramers Ergot 7 signing at Comic Relief in Berkeley, Ca!

ke_cr Kramers Ergot 7: It's Finally Here!

We have added a local KE7 signing at my all-time favorite store, Comic Relief.

Sunday, December 14th
Comic Relief
2026 Shattuck Ave(2 blocks from Berkeley BART)
Berkeley, CA. 94704

Daniel Clowes, Matt Furie, Eric Haven, and J. Bradley Johnson will all be on hand to sign copies of the book.

Copies of Kramers Ergot 7 are going out as fast as possible!

ke_shipping Kramers Ergot 7: It's Finally Here!

We know a lot of you are hoping to get this book in time for the holidays and we have called in reinforcements to help make your xmas/chanukah/kwanza dreams
come true.

Amazon customers: Kramers Ergot 7 should be arriving on your doorstep around the 3rd week of December.

Pre-Order Customers who ordered direct from our webstore: Your books and exclusive signed & numbered bookplates will be arriving shortly!

Available in stores: Third week of December or earlier.

Please Note: Due to a higher demand then anticipated, we have sold out of the initial run of 200 signed-and-numbered KE7 bookplates printed with brown ink.

We are now offering a second edition series, unnumbered and printed with black ink. This edition will also be signed by various KE7 artists.

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