Knull = Venom 3?

by Mike W

venom-1-194x300 Knull = Venom 3?In an interview between Mike Morello and Donny Cates in November 2018, Cates said this: “If the first one was adapting ‘Lethal Protector’ and ‘Planet of the Symbiotes’ and the second one is ‘Maximum Carnage,’ you’ve kind of run out of classic Venom stories to tell. So, Stegman and I are real fingers crossed that the third one will have some Knull and some dark shit in it”.

In this interview, Cates hopes that the Venom series he wrote in 2018 will be used for the third Venom movie. Cates’ rise to fame in the industry is notable. He has revitalized Marvel series in the likes of Thor, Venom, and Silver Surfer. He is not Kevin Feige, but we have to believe he has an influence on what Marvel and Sony want to introduce in the MCU.


The Connection

The writing in his Venom series in 2018 is game-changing. He introduced new characters such as Dylan Brock and Knull. For this article, let’s focus on Knull. Cates is hoping that Venom 3 is based on the Knull origin story. Knull is known as the symbiote god. Knull has the ability of symbiote creation and domination. Both Venom and Carnage are alien symbiotes. Knull has the ability to control symbiotes such as Carnage. We know Carnage will be introduced in Venom 2.  So an alien symbiote origin story featuring Knull is a possible storyline for Venom 3. Another possible idea is a Knull spinoff movie once Venom 3 ends. Meaning, that Venom 3 could be the possible confrontation between Spider-man and Venom. So the Knull spin-off movie would be a prequel origin story.

knull-184x300 Knull = Venom 3?

The Bridge

Part of Knull’s origin story traces back to the Celestials. If that word sounds familiar, it should. The Celestials created two races for the earth: Eternals and Deviants. If you do not know already, Marvel is releasing an Eternals movie based on their origin story for November 6, 2020. One of Knull’s ambitions is to kill all Celestial beings. So a possible cameo on Knull could appear in the upcoming Eternals movie. A scene from this movie could show Knull fighting a Celestial.

Eternals_v4-202x300 Knull = Venom 3?

The Numbers

It is important to know Knull’s first appearance is in Venom #3 (2018). The first print to grab is always a safe bet. The third print, which features a cover appearance, is also a good buy.

Venom3-197x300 Knull = Venom 3?Knull-195x300 Knull = Venom 3?

Knull has very good long-term hold. The reason is his story connects to many Marvel characters. His story connects to characters such as Venom, Eternals, Thor, Silver Surfer, and Gorr, the God Butcher(Thor: Love and Thunder?). In addition, I would advise grabbing Venom #4 (2018). Issue four goes into detail of the origin of Knull and Knowhere. To me, it is an undervalued comic to hold.

venom-4-197x300 Knull = Venom 3?


The idea of a Venom-Verse does not sound too far-fetched. It can only work if Knull is introduced in the movie. Ideally, his origin story connects to the symbiotes you know and love. Meaning, spin-off movies of symbiotes Carnage, Anti-Venom, and Sleeper could be made. Sleeper connects to Dylan Brock, the son of Eddie Brock (Venom), so the possibilities are really endless!

spider-300x181 Knull = Venom 3?


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5 comments April 9, 2020 - 2:33 pm

From wiki “In early April, Disney shifted much of their Phase Four slate of films due to the coronavirus pandemic, moving The Eternals’ release date to February 12, 2021.”

Mike W April 11, 2020 - 9:34 am

That is a bummer about the Eternals. Do you believe the Eternals are going to be big for Marvel?

rmagnum8 April 10, 2020 - 7:56 pm

Really fun article and makes a lot of sense what you are explaining in this blog.. With that in mind, Knull’s First App is in Thor God of Thunder 6. That book is super duper HTF, followed by Venom 3 2018 as Knull’s First FULL Appearance.. Thanks for the content!

Mike W April 11, 2020 - 9:33 am

Thanks for the comments. I am a fan of both series, especially by Jason Aaron. What do you think Marvel is going to do with Knull going forward?

rmagnum8 April 13, 2020 - 5:50 am

It makes perfect sense to add Knull as SPCU (or SCU’s )big baddy (i.e Thanos to the MCU) in the Venom Universe, then bridge to the MCU in the later phases (Guessing mid or end credit cameo or Easter eggs in films in Venom 2 or MCU Phase 5 films then casted as a main villain in Venom 3 then bridged to back to the MCU ala Phase 6 and/or beyond in the MCU and/or SPCU and then some how bridge to other stories. I have heard and seen many of these click bait YouTube sites say Knull is coming, whichI take with the biggest grain of salt at this point in time, as these are theories and/or Speculation like you and I have, but I have not heard/read anything on Reddit or the few actual trustworthy websites and/or scoopers besides when Cates mentioned the Knull interview you mention in this blog.
Personally, If the MCU or SPCU (SCU) does not use Knull, it is literally leaving money/creator content/awesome storyline(s)/script content on the table.. So, IMHO, it is just a matter of time b4 we see Knull on the Silver Screen..
With Thor4 (Love and Thunder) taking much of the storyline from Jason Aaron’s run of Thor God of Thunder , I would NOT be surprised if we start hearing rumbles about null as a possibility.. Personally I am SET with Venom #3 and Venom #4 but I have 0 copies of Thor GOT #6 and that is the BOOK that I am seeking out!
Not a whole lot of the novice or average collector(s) know or remember that Thor GOT #6 is Knulls First Appearance (in Cameo), and I believe that is kind of why we didn’t see this book heat up this week, but once Knull is announced (or confirmed), Investors everywhere are going to seek out that book..
Anyhoo, cool blog! Take Care! ~R


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