King Sized Hulk #1

by Jeff
geekgoggle King Sized Hulk #1

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King Sized Hulk #1
Marvel Comics
Loeb, Adams, Cho & Trimpe

This issue made me feel like I took one on the chin. Not because it was a pulse pounding, action packed issue. No, but because I spent $5 on this. I knew coming in that I was getting a ton of reprinted material. Not a big deal. But I thought I was getting an original story to accompany it. I was dead wrong.

Instead, I got a retelling of the Red Hulk’s encounter with She-Hulk from one of the recent issues of the Red Hulk reboot. This somehow counts and “original”.

I also get a story with Bruce Banner imagining how the Red Hulk would battle a Wendigo out in the wilderness. This actually had some meaning to it, but it was only eight pages. Even the She Hulk redo was eight pages. The Wendigo portion was the only thing interesting in this comic.

Lastly, we get a tour down memory lane of all the garbage that the, now dead, Abomination caused to Banner, Ross and others. Despite the fact that this is also a redo of stories already told, I was also confused how the making of the Abomination came in the middle of the story. The story begins with the Abomination and ends with him, yet the man doesn’t become him until the middle? Sorry, this was lost on me.

Also, I can’t forget the extra covers and unpainted artwork in the middle of the issue. That’s worth and extra $2 for me. Not really.

If you count up the pages we get 24 pages of the Red Hulk with about half of it items we have seen in other Hulk issues, just redressed. I’m totally serious. This thing was $5.

The only reason I don’t give this issue a ZERO for the geek goggles is because I actually liked the art. I found it to be very detailed and in keeping with the color themes we have seen in the monthly title.

To be fair, even if this issue was $3 I would have complained about the lack of new material. However, the beefed up cover price has really made me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. You really want an angry customer? Especially one who is completely in the tank for all things Hulk.

Two words can sum up this review: Avoid Completely.

1.5 out of 5 geek goggles

mar082181d King Sized Hulk #1
King Sized Hulk #1

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