KILL SHAKESPEARE to be performed at fall comic conventions

by Jeff

aug110397 KILL SHAKESPEARE to be performed at fall comic conventionsMedia Release — After a successful debut last year in Toronto, the Kill Shakespeare Live Stage Reading will be taking its show on the road this fall with performances at a number of comic conventions. The show combines the images from the acclaimed comic series with actors reading out the dialogue and creating music and sound effects live – it’s a combination of theatre show, radio play and a comic book come to life.

The Live Stage Reading will take place this weekend at the Montreal Comic-Con (Sat, Sept 15, 7:45pm, Room 510AC), performed by the Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company (producers of the cult hit Cobra: The Musical). It will then move to the New York Comic-Con (Sat, Oct 13, 11am, Variant Stage) next month, produced with New York’s acclaimed Gideon Productions. And rounding out the triple play of comic shows will be Halifax’s Hal-Con (Sat, Oct 27, time/room TBD) – and will play for a week-long run in the city after that.

More information about this Saturday’s performance can be found here.

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