Kickstarter Opportunity: ARKS Issue Two

by Sarah Lee

042621D-300x157 Kickstarter Opportunity: ARKS Issue Two10 years in the making, this is your chance to support the first science-faction comic ever made. ARKS Issue Two is live on Kickstarter until May 6th.


Rory Collins, the author of the series, has some exciting news about his latest issue. Here’s what he has to say!

Science Faction? Annoyed or curious? Read on…

‘Good art should fill the space’; we all have one quote that haunts our lives. This is mine. At first, I took this to mean that the art should go up to the margins, but after toasting some grey matter I realized that it meant good art should fill the gaps. The empty space where nothing resides. 

Arks_Issue2_Variant_Cover-199x300 Kickstarter Opportunity: ARKS Issue TwoIt was this idea that led me to write Arks. 

I love sci-fi, but there is one giant gap in contemporary science fiction – interstellar travel. We solve it with light speed, wormholes, and stasis pods, but the simple reality is, that it is impossible. Reductio ad absurdum – the idea is so unbelievably complex that solving one problem creates multiple new absurd problems. 

(We wrote several paragraphs here about the complexities of faster than light travel and had to remove it as it would destroy the article. Check it out for yourself). 

I Believe…

I believe that this maritime view of space travel, traveling across the galaxy in space ships is a vestige of a different era, and that if we were to ever attempt to colonize planets beyond our solar system, we’ll do it in a way more akin to plant pollination. 

Plant pollination?! Yes there is an idea that has existed since the 1970s, it’s called directed panspermia and it would allow us to travel to extrasolar planets and it involves technologies that already exist.

ARKS_CharacterIfYouLikePage_Vs2-300x295 Kickstarter Opportunity: ARKS Issue TwoHence, the science-faction tag.

ARKS will be the first pop culture story that explores this amazing and mind-bending gap in science fiction. It’s a beautiful new frontier with frightening ramifications for us and our descendants.

If you want to know more and support a little indie comic team, then check out our Kickstarter and give your support! This effort ends May 6th.

This blog was written by Rory Collins.

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Warren S April 27, 2021 - 12:47 pm

Got all variants of issue #1 (main one signed) and already getting both copies of issue #2. Thanks for posting this! I hope it gets them some more buyers.


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