Kick off Horror Month with the Aliens Omnibus

by Jeff

by Josh@TFAW

15728 Kick off Horror Month with the Aliens OmnibusOkay, I couldn’t wait until I get into work in the morning to blog, so I’m coming at you in the wee hours of the morning, posing a question: How do you kick off horror month? By busting out the big guns and starting with a classic series, that’s how!

With over 350 pages in each Aliens Omnibus, you’re in for a good long read, chock-full of dismembered, disemboweled bodies . . . and aliens.

Here’s a taste of Aliens Omnibus Volume 6: Mankind has always struggled to balance exploration and exploitation when stepping into new lands. In the era of the colonization of space, the discovery of new wonders is countered by the awful realities when species once separated by light years of airless void are suddenly thrown together, and the heady intoxication of discovery becomes the feral nightmare of a battle for supremacy.

Humanity’s arrogance and greed have helped the Alien plague spread, and now men and women must step forward to ensure that the future of the galaxy does not become the age of the Alien!

Sound like it’s up your alley? Go ahead and check out the three-page preview, and try before you buy.

See all our Aliens Omnibus volumes here.

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