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by Jeff
geekgoggle Kick Ass #5 REVIEW

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Kick-Ass #5
Icon (Marvel Comics)
Millar& Romita Jr

Months in the making the saga continues with perhaps the funniest issue yet. The overall plot for this series is jerked awkwardly forward in this issue as a second cape character is introduced, established and then launches into interaction with two more capes by the end. The issue has terrific artwork and a fast pace. It’s not too late to jump on board with this title if you missed the previous four because this one is worth it.

may082347d Kick Ass #5 REVIEW

Dave, aka Kick-Ass, is upset that another cape has stolen his spotlight. The issue opens with the deeds of the new player named Red Mist. Dave is so distraught he even barks at his local comic book shop owner, which as we know is a major no-no. I mean, an owner could decide to not put Avengers on hold for you and then your whole collection woul…..nevermind.

Dave confronts Red Mist and we are treated to the very real dialogue that is a staple of this series. Red Mist explains how he managed to manipulate the media into thinking he took on all these Russian mob goons. He wouldn’t actually fight dudes that were so much bigger than him, right? Of course not. It’s funny and clever. The real world-like character moments continue as Red Mist comfortably lights a joint as he drives off. It’s hilarious all the way through.

Eventually Red Mist and Dave find a burning building that has a baby trapped in it. They charge in, but we see what goes on in the minds of some of these super heroes as Red Mist decides ducking out the back door would be best. After all, the people outside think they stormed in, why not just ditch out? No. Dave persists and finds the baby. After the fire department explains how stupid they are, two new capes come calling for Dave for some real action.

The main theme in this comic is humor. Page after page I was laughing. Whether it was Dave’s discussion about being gay with his wannabe girlfriend or him stumbling on a couple having sex that he thinks might be a rape in progress. I can’t remember a story where I laughed this much reading.

The hard part to get into with this issue is the rush to involve the bigger cast. To this point we’ve seen some character development for Dave and that the other capes out there don’t want much to do with him. Now in the course of one issue they are seeking him out all over the place. It’s a difficult leap to make and I can’t help but wonder if this series was put on steroids to help look and feel the way the movie is shaping up to be.

The artwork makes the issue all the more fun. The expressions that Dave gives to almost every incident is priceless. He comes across as a doofus and the art helps make that all the more real.

This issue is a fun read and with the recap page I think anyone can pick it up and be entertained. I have a feeling things are going to be severely rushed from here on in so this might be the issue to pick up if you have any interest in following this at all. I highly recommend this issue.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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