Kick Ass #3

by Jeff
geekgoggle Kick Ass #3

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Kick-Ass #3
Marvel Comics
Millar & Romita Jr

Full disclosure time. My local store didn’t receive any issues because of some screw up. I was able to get my hands on a pdf copy from Millar’s blog. I won’t let that sway this review. I loved this issue. Cover to cover it was the best one of the three yet.

Dave (Kick-Ass) is a celebrity now. Well, Kick-Ass is the celebrity. Dave is brimming with confidence and has a swagger at school. People seem to like him now. The hot girl talks to him now. Not because she likes him, but because she seems him as something he doesn’t want to be. It’s too funny to spoil here.

Dave’s dad is worried that Dave keeps getting beat up. He gives him some pepper spray for protection. I bring up this moment because in the comic it had the feel that Dave might spill the beans to his old man about his night job. He doesn’t though.

Dave decides to test out some of his powers by leaping from rooftop to rooftop. In a laugh out loud moment he realizes he has no powers and should just walk the streets. He gets flashed by some chicks, though, which makes up for it.

Dave opens up his services to the internet community. While walking the readers through what he did to advertise his services he revels his super hero schedule very casually which also made me laugh out loud.

On his first mission he finds himself in a heap of trouble only to be bailed out by a huge surprise. It’s an excellent ending.

This comic has so much violence and blood it’s shocking. It really tries to hit home that this is the real world and it does it some justice here. Dave’s dialogue continues to really ring true for a teenager just trying to get through life. The whole comic has a strong feeling of realism.

The artwork is awesome. The characters all have a wide array of facial expressions that really captures the moments really well. The gang of hoodlums at the end all have uniquely creepy faces and all look like genuine scumbags. Add in that the blood and guts look great and you have a solid comic visually.

My only complaint is that this doesn’t seem to be telling the flashback story we were getting in the first issue. I wish this would be addressed in some way.

There isn’t much more I can say about this issue expect I love it. However, this issue took two months to come out and between now and November we apparently can only expect three more issues and I am a little worried. Factor in that my comic shop had a messed order and the prospects don’t look good for this. But the story is so damn good.

I cant recommend this comic enough if you like your comics to have blood, violence, nudity, cursing and some humor in it. You wont find anyone flying or turning into a monster either. It’s a great comic.

5 out of 5 geek goggles.

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Kick Ass #3

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