Keeping it in the Family: Venom and Sons

by Jake Zawlacki

Venom-Absolute-Carnage-Sleeper-300x150 Keeping it in the Family: Venom and Sons

Venom gets a lot of attention. For good reason. But let’s take a look at some more recent Venom-related characters and see their potential.

If you aren’t all caught up with Donny Cates’ incredible run with Venom, give it a shot. It’s fast reading, action-packed, and extremely well written. It’s shockingly well written.

Cates is an inventor and fortunately for comic fans, he’s a very good one. Let’s look at some of his inventions and see how likely they are to turn a profit.

knull-surfer-653x1024 Keeping it in the Family: Venom and Sons

733616_venom-3-197x300 Keeping it in the Family: Venom and SonsPapa Symbiote: Knull

Fellow GoCollect author Mike W beat me to it! God is Coming, as they say, and Knull is simply too juicy to be left out. We’ve already seen him battle Thor, The Silver Surfer, and Venom, and he’s only been around for two years! He’s already an awesome supervillain and has a ton of potential in the Marvel universe let alone film. I think Mike was dead on the mark when he said Knull could be the baddie of Venom 3. He could even be a big enough villain to warrant a Sinister Six team-up to take him down. Let’s just say Thanos was lucky Knull was still in his cage when he started grabbing Infinity Stones.

The books to have include his first appearance is in Venom #3 and a low run of 3rd Print Variants with him on the cover. Solid buys for a lasting character.

757701_venom-7 Keeping it in the Family: Venom and Sons

The Son of Eddie: Dylan Brock

Another of Cates’ creations, we have Eddie’s son, Dylan Brock. Without revealing any spoilers for the last couple of Venom issues, let’s just say Dylan has some high-level stuff going on. I wish I could compare Dylan Brock’s first appearance issue to a similar character: Franklin Richards, but, I can’t. Fantastic Four Annual #6 also happened to be the first appearance of Annihilus and that skews everything. Nevermind that it came out in 1968 and not 2018. So, let’s wait 40 years and see.

The big difference between Sony and Disney is that Sony is going to have to dig deep to build a Spiderverse/Venomverse/Whateververse and Dylan Brock is now an option. He’s got the juice. And his first appearance in Venom #7 is going for pennies right now. You can buy a 9.8 for cheaper than it would cost to have it shipped and graded. Not much risk. I like the possible reward.


sleeper-198x300 Keeping it in the Family: Venom and SonsThe Son of Venom: Sleeper

The real sleeper of these recent Venom issues is Sleeper. (See what I did there?) While Cates didn’t create the character, he has brought him prominently into the world of Symbiote-related-happenings. He’s Dylan Brock’s friend, and currently takes the form of a cat. Yep, a cat. He first appeared as a blob in Venom #165, but the real book to have is the second printing of Venom First Host #3 with Sleeper on the cover. There was a lot of hype when he first came out, but I think he’s leveled out for the time being. He’s got potential and with a current valuing of a 9.8 at $180, there may be some potential for the new symbiote to join the fam.sleepter-cat-scaled Keeping it in the Family: Venom and Sons


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