Kang’s First Appearance: FF #19 or Avengers #8?

by Matt Tuck

Kang-188x300 Kang's First Appearance: FF #19 or Avengers #8?Will Kang the Conqueror make his long-awaited MCU debut on Disney+? That will trigger a scramble for Avengers #8, but don’t overlook Fantastic Four #19.

Although unconfirmed, The Illuminerdi, which has been reliable in its news, is reporting that Kang will be a featured character in the upcoming Loki Disney+ series.

There’s been no shortage of Kang gossip for some time. This time last year, a bogus leaked script had fans thinking the supervillain was going to appear in Avengers: Endgame. While that didn’t pan out, the time-traveling caper has set the stage for Kang to make his grand MCU entrance. The Loki series will reportedly center on the God of Mischief using the Tesseract to infiltrate various timelines. That makes it a perfect spot for Kang to be revealed, and that’s why his first appearance is going to be hotter than ever.

Which comic is his first appearance? More importantly, which one is the better investment? Let’s breakdown the data.

FF-19-198x300 Kang's First Appearance: FF #19 or Avengers #8?FANTASTIC FOUR #19

Kang has a convoluted and rather confusing origin story. In 1963, he first appeared calling himself Rama-Tut, the Pharoah from the Future. It was later revealed that he was actually Nathaniel Richards.

Between FF #19 and Avengers #8, there’s no comparison in terms of fair market value. However, FF #19 is technically Nathaniel Richards’ first appearance, and that means you can get a higher grade for a lower price while still having his debut comic.

Overall, it’s a buyer’s market for this issue. Of the nine grades that have sold in the past three months, five have sold below their 12-month averages. Take the 9.0. Last year, its FMV was $1,119, but over the past 90 days, it has dropped to $876.

For those of us without $1K to invest, keep in mind that everything up to a 5.0 is averaging less than $200, so there is a grade for virtually every budget.

Avengers-8-194x300 Kang's First Appearance: FF #19 or Avengers #8?AVENGERS #8

After the Fantastic Four defeated Rama-Tut, Nathaniel Richards was brought back a year later with a new costume and christened himself Kang the Conqueror. This time he battled the Avengers and would become one of their most famous enemies.

As I said, there’s no contest that Avengers #8 is the most sought after Kang comic. Sure, he debuted as Rama-Tut, but he didn’t gain popularity until he donned the armor. That makes this the more expensive of the two firsts.

While many collectors await their tax returns to make any big purchases, the market is overall down. So far this year, an even dozen different grades of Avengers #8 have sold online. Of those 12, nine have dropped compared to their 12-month FMVs. That makes it the perfect time to buy your copies.

Last year, the 6.0 and the 3.5 were the two most popular grades, selling 15 copies each. The 6.0 hasn’t sold since last October when it went for $449. The 3.5 has a 90-day average of $225, though its last sale was for nearly $300, so get yours before it surpasses the $400 mark.


If money is no object, Avengers #8 is definitely the comic to have, but with its increasingly-rising price tag, you’ll get more mileage from your investment dollars in FF #19.


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